Hunting Safari 3D Mod Apk (v1.4) + Unlimited Money + Gold APK

Hunting Safari 3D Mod Apk (v1.4) + Unlimited Money + Gold 2022

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Hello! Hunting Safari 3D game lovers hunt for the latest victims of Hunting Safari 3D apk Mod (v1.4) will not see the Download + unlimited + Money + Infinite Gold, then congratulations, you are on the right page. This is on the hunt on the page, click on a link to Google Drive to download the news APK Hunting Safari 3D, Android game function and will change the frequency, so you can download easily fall could Hunting Safari 3D, Android Action Games.

Hunting Safari 3D mod apk Specialty & features

Wildest places and now travels the world to pursue real animals in Safari! It is to load and time fixed by shooting a 5 star in your hands!

Hunting safari, which is not only the first mobile game on foot, but it is available for vehicles and also for a reason for the big game on the boat in the water. The latest military equipment in the hands of hundreds of victims of assault rifles, pistols, rifles, and the mission will be complete with the world. You will become a famous big game hunter lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhino hit the Big Five?

Game Features:

And - turning the tide of vehicles and ordered a motorboat hunting

- Jaws 3-D graphics and console-quality sound effects shedding

- 30+ real animal, 20+ weapons and more than 100 missions

NOTE: Hunting Safari in our previous games new creatures, weapons, and missions, but the brand has turned wild predators.

What is a new

v1.4: Fixed crash bugs game. thank you.

What about users sacrifice always tell Hunting Safari 3D Hack Apk

1 User: successes crash: 1. Kill 10 Kudus. 3 count while I was going to kill dozens of them sounds. 2. Grassland 60 medals to unlock the benefits of explosions thundered in Highland. I get to 120 but is still Hyland. 3. Kill 300 Wildebeest. I killed & gt; 200 but stops Wilddnees target as victims. Solutions, please ... ???

2 Users: Updated - Developers leave a star for non-response. Can we come that still leave you until we think of me?*** Hello? Section soon come across? If you are ever going to leave? Recess "coming soon?" Between 4 and call every 2 apps to arrive within 4 I have spent close to $ 1,000. Where is the improvement? How about credit? Or kicking back for some rest fooking.

3 User: I have ads to another level in the last 3 months, also won 60 medals from the 120 medals, of which the first layer. And the second level is indicated to open 60 medals on the third level. Why is the third level of shows completed every time I need to open the last 2 months then every time, but I've only done it shortly? Every time there are things I know I have to go to the third level, you please as soon as possible.

Download / Install Hunting Safari 3D mod apk

1) First, the latest victims on the Download Hunting Safari 3D Mod apk download link below.

2) Download One Time APK, predictable, easy to install and enjoy your game.

3) Put your phone is pre-installed Hunting Safari 3D Apk prey mod apk that will uninstall it and given.

Mod provided apk Properties

  • Open Cash Store
  • Open Gold Store
  • Remove Google Ads
  • Open all weapons

Download Hunting Safari 3D Mod apk (Hacked)

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