Vainglory Mod Apk (v4.9.1 (99056)) + Active Skills + Obb Data APK

Vainglory Mod Apk (v4.9.1 (99056)) + Active Skills + Obb Data 2021

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v4.9.1 (99056) für Android
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Jun 27, 2020

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(V4.8.1 (98500)) APK modification + unlimited money hello vanity 5v5 game player click download bias + active skills + OBB info, then congratulations, you have come to the right. On this page, we supply 5v5 android game one. With their modified version apk claim you can easily download the right Android strategy game, so click on the fast CDN drive link to download.

What makes Vanity mod apk game

Vanity Video Game is developed by MegaCorp Super Evil for iOS and Android devices. One version of the game genre fighting is to destroy the enemy by controlling the path between two rivals of three or five players specified by hostile organisms protected by turrets and artificial. Out of the way, fighting players for points, resources are available. With the release of the Android version of the July 2015 game in November 2014, half was released for iOS, after a soft start to the new year.

Connect with your friends or in real-time exciting real-time PVP Moba Dragon, epic heroes and their allies who are ready in the name of your global community to actually fight for free. The super-evil MegaCorp Wanglouri 5v5 is not "" the most emotional same phone contract, "" provides improved gameplay and strategic depth, most accurate and responsive control and the best graphics and players with the highest frame rates on the phone.

Sound intense? Only if you want it. 5w5 battlefield construction fun full Brawls five minute way to experience a comfortable and competitive experience.

Cool mode apk shows the whole bias in the game

At Super Evil, we believe that every phone is portable to the next generation console, and every mobile player is core, strategic and capable of gaming artists as a single player on PC. And the funniest game engine platform you've ever played against - on a mobile device.

The current game is immersed in the mobile audience, you are better off. Never settle for less evil.

Define mobile 5v5 mobile range

War solid line-of-sight fog

120 fps support

Skill-based game and decision making

Macro and Turning Strategy

Track All Targets 3 Map

Free Camera

Last hitting

Wave control

LAN teleportations

Active deals

Complex vision system

Originally designed characters and stories

This mobile is one of the best multiplayer experiences. Wanglori is a completely legal highly emotional experience, anytime in the palm.

Load 5v5 modification game features

Comfort mode and conflict mode

More Wanglori is a very emotional game that provides real time against bots or players. You need to take their company ranking or a playing style for yourself with just five minutes to Wanglori time.

37+ foot heroes and unlockable skins

Master of play hero variety of ways. Many pieces as high damage carrier. Dangerous Jungler to save his friends as the front leader as the court damages and attacks from the shadows. Skins If you like to play - to be able to play with the victims without spending money, there are Wanglore heroes, who you like to captivate unique.

Präzisee Touch Screen, Intuitive Joystick Control and Designed for E.V.I.L Mobile Engine

Mobile specially designed Wanglouri game engine tooth toes fingers running 120 frames per second for fried war press fight. Choose your playing style; Wanglouri's intuitive joystick control and precision fitting are extremely emotional. Our precision, sub-30mm controls provide the required response and autonomy for victory.

Guild and team

Have someone to play with? Built Guild Wanglori Inventor builds a team on the skill level. Climb the ranks as a group or create a team for more rewards to enjoy the party and earn with their society.

Chest and Search

Every time you play Wanglori, you can use breast, skin and hero talent to progress and collect loot. And if you're lucky, you'll have to kill one of the big jackpots.

The world-famous International Mobile esport

Clock and learning has never been seen by professionals and the best match fun - and if you're the best, then for a big prize pool and competition in the world!

Living community "

"Wanglori 14 is a global community, produced on the basis of active players in various languages.

Which is new in Safari

== New skin ==

- EXOFRAME Sky (Legendary)

- Dark Siren Lorelai (Epic)

- Tide Wizard Harp (Legendary)

- Official Alpha (A)

- Yin Yang Feng San (Rarely) == == Season through the transition

- New social pings at the beginning of the spring 2019 season == ==

- Added spring social pings

*** *** V4k2k0

== == New Heroes

- Ken: Hitman, New Skin == == Exercise his revolver with deadly accuracy.

- Bended cans (rarely)

- Infernozo (Epic)

- kurokage Idris (mythical) == new features ==

Hero Fitness Game Hero HUD Plates Added Bars -

- Improved account update progress

- Pour a reward now on the kill shown on the scoreboard

- Advanced account level == == New social pings

- Easter 2019 Pings

*** V4k8kl (98500) ***

== == New Heroes

- Viola Magical Music Skills Support Guitar

== New skin ==

- Tantric Harp (Special Edition)

- Medieval Silvernail (Epic)


== == Happy Harvest Sale

- Awesome autumn chest and head of sale

- Fun case on heroes, skins and much talent

- 4.7 Skin Come To The Market!

What arrogant mod apk strategy game users tell

User 1: I have trouble inspiring everyone to come across this game. I went to the fight and did not know that the talent went with the sunlight system is an average of 3 minutes can be used with a single-mode, no longer have anything to build on the bus. The thing is that the only reason why I spend any money for this game because the fight was worth it. Now I'm stuck using an in-game currency that's important to me.

2 User: Devs are thirsty for money. You don't have to buy anything more. Hey SEMC if you just stick to the old approach and add complex things to your game. 5v5 in mind was enough, but you can open different currencies, different collections, pings, hats, chests we can not even open different colors and skins, but only one. They do not waste their customers listening for your efforts. Now, down the hill. Take 5 minutes or longer to create a fun game!

User 3: This is the biggest game I have ever seen. I've played a few times, and I bought the snow credit. I, a friend I have encouraged all my friends because I love those who have played the game, but if I have encouraged his friends. 3 vs 3 is not enough. New game modes and new maps compared to 5 5 new cards. I want .. such as when you make an update and add another new hero, increase the number of powerful and reduce the cost of heroes will give you 5 stars. thank you. Update: You have 1

How to download and install Phantom Game apk

If you already installed Google Play Store Apk 5v5, you do not need to download the obb file prefix 5v5 apk to install the change.

Follow this step: you play obb data and apk

/ Search, android / info / Folder File Manager and rename the folder 1 First, you have to open your phone file manager and go the route. (If you don't, the data will be deleted from the game)

2: If you are renaming the folder, you can install Rev 5v5 apk vanity and download the uninstaller and vanity 5v5 (hack

3: If the game is installed, you can click on the file manager/android/ obb / and the name change folder will be on the path to "" "" "" "".

4: Next open our game and enjoy.

Like the game data files this step is not for you to follow and modern apk

1: game, has not already been installed on your phone, you can upload button to download the 5v5 mode apk below the data file and vanity.

2: After the data file and download the apk mode, remove the data file which can see the internal memory / Android / obb / phone folder.

The modification which installs as you load Rev 5v5: 3 takes installation and fun after the game is just called to start its workings.

Download preload modification APK + Hackspiel (Active Skill / OBB Data)

Pro Tips: -

If you have any problems playing in the mode, or to download the file to install the game, you can ask in the comments section. We will help you as soon as possible. Visit Thanx and to download.