Bad 2 Bad Extinction Mod Apk (v2.6.0) + Unlimited Money + No Ads APK

Bad 2 Bad Extinction Mod Apk (v2.6.0) + Unlimited Money + No Ads 2022

90 MB
v2.6.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 16, 2020

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • No Ads

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What’s the Specialty of Bad 2 Bad Extinction Mod Apk


If you fit your system to remove or replace your data will be reset. Before the game and store information directly enters the matches.

The two sections are both Delta and Tango. The game is going to call Delta, where players probably work, including the commander of the task force hitting the Gorat Al Lama business. The company is not easy. Once you do not get help you can trust your own.

Extinction: There is an updated version of the three-point game show images that can cause one piece to be returned and descriptive and two I've chosen. They are hit by a military colonel and forced into business. To make this easier, formed the soldiers, which assemble a task force and they are friends. You may fight, but I think if you Jack Reacher, it's not an ideal place.

Games are no statistics guy. Or to be precise, you are dealing with pandas black panthers animals crocodile tigers ... the ability to walk, with both hands. Gamers I like to impress.

Save the fight against the innocent

If you're struggling to get together, you have many different types of enemies to fight, including terrorists, even zombies ... So Wilders (WD), Pureblood (PS), Underdogs (UD) game follows the delivery of 5 types of villains, Amazoness (AZ) Tail Army (TL) as well. Each of them has its source and literature, it is possible to explore.

As you struggle with the process, they can be a series of hidden people hiding under the door. They do not recognize and neglect to reserve them to protect the areas they need. DH


Poor Two Worse: Our players change the four directions of extinction with a first-class perspective with which to move 3D images from a typical 2-Directional brand on a mobile side-scrolling 2D game, such as mobile. The enemy can appear, causing many surprises everywhere. Support equipment and aircraft on the field.

Management system, moving shooting, tumbling, throwing grenades, etc. The game has a basic key, you can order five characters in the game. Basically, you have control, go to the numbers and be promoted with a character.

Power Development

Destroyer Two Worst: Each soldier, equipped with a unique weapons group, has a lot of death. Platform update weapons improve your firepower and speed. Characters play an essential role in the battle. There are more than 20 species. Each character has their own special abilities and functions. You can personalize costumes and decorations.


Worst of the bad two: Extinction created with 3D combat situations, including 3D images. Despite the animated fashion, the figures are fashionable as soldiers. It will last for a long time, you can keep up.

In a nutshell, though not a very good subject pictures, this game does not, however, have two weaknesses: Extinction Mod is a great game that you cannot dismiss. Game, story, character programs, weapons, upgrades, ... why many get this game on your mobile phone. You save your valuable information by logging into this game to remove or change a match on your device.

Great new features of Bad 2 Bad Extinction Apk


  • Interesting stories and personalities
  • Open world design, survival
  • A series of gun exchanges and personality decorations
  • 60 Assumption on weapon and armor reference
  • Helps generate random and
  • Forms, and then increase your troops
  • Fighting with drones and AI.

Poor 2 Bad: Extinction Details

  • Poor 2 cheats: Delta back with more stories and lots of different content: Extinction is a bad 2 bad sequel. They cover extinction history after al-Qatala, the Great Union, received recognition from those people. Here you can take part in the Civil War.

Present Power 5

  • Worse with Bad 2: Extinction, the total enemies of five different forces started with Wild Forces (WD), Pure Blood (PB), Underdogs (UD), Amazoness (AZ) Tails, Body Forces (TL). Each has forced legends and their special features.

The fight is to protect life

  • So if you're looking to move with difficulty, it's also possible to play games with the freedom to combine things or make-up rewards and cut sub-tasks on the generated maps.

Nature and gun adjustment

  • You can change your personality and decorate your weapon. Personality, gear, costumes, and weapons.

Give your own special force

  • Extinctionyou is able to develop and organize its unit. The pattern for each enemy's properties and various attacks. You are stuck to adapt strategies and prove to improve your tools.

Weapons skills

  • Weapons should be able to learn how to use his hand weapons capabilities differently. Increased capacity and more durability સંભવિત Speed, reload and more attacks of headshots increase with potential accuracy.

Intensive gathering fire and strike

  • Concentrated use of fire and drones (DR-6L) to recover effective tragedy. The Air Drone (DR-2A) feature is not attacked, but it will certainly be perfect.

Latest Updates What's New

  • The premium version is known as a bounty in life.
  • Kill zone difficulty is reduced.
  • During the day, 15 minutes.
  • HP mode is also displayed at night.
  • Survivors do not die so easily
  • Skills were learning UI errors.
  • The loading screen image appears to have changed differently.

What Saying User’s About Bad 2 Bad Extinction Mod Apk

User 1:It is a good game. Many guns with different personalities, its' amazing backstory protected young lives, and these forces are nice. New loading screen. Hold? I'm doing your best. 0 = 0 / Not in the Ranking Zone Always Always Working Load screen order to survive and may not close My game. I could only have one fight, and now I can no longer do it daily or weekly. It is also good to sell diamond protection sleep for 100+ training and storage upgrades ...

User 2:  are much better if possible to start with plenty more weapons and anything, so expensive ... two, because I wanted the signups to have a premium version at the beginning of the route, but all and now have to earn money hard .. and still no new weapons. General Chat Chat Lounge And getting everything and sooo expensive yet. Not quite satisfied with the game.

User 1: R good gameplay. R great 2D design of graphics/artifacts. It is a P2W or P2P game. See if the gameplay R assists and does not interfere with the free version, unlike other games. Have a good game, whether daily or serious. The only thing is it's an accidental break / 5 stars accident I can happen every time. Meet the laggy once the menu messes around the force of the game during a mission, the light is not solved, and. It's not often upset LOL, but still.

Pro Tips

If you have any problems playing in the mode or have to download the file to install the game, you can ask in the comments section. We will help you as soon as possible. Visit Thanx and to download.