BattleHand Mod Apk (v1.14.0) + High Exp + Free Premium + No Ads APK

BattleHand Mod Apk (v1.14.0) + High Exp + Free Premium + No Ads 2022

86 MB
v1.14.0 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 05, 2020

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • High Exp
  •  Extreme Player HP
  • Free Premium
  • Instant Card Level Up
  • MOD on/off config file [NEW]
  • No Ads

Hello, BattleHand  Game Player You are the latest BattleHand  Mode apk (v1.14.0) + High End + Free + Premium ads for every android, then congratulations, you are looking for download on the right. On this page, we will learn which Download a simple Android RPG that will supply one-click with a BattleHand Android game and mod apk, so download the War Hand Quick Connection CDN drive.

What’s the Specialty of BattleHand Mod Apk Game

Combine Struggle! Recruit heroes, direct attacks with your group and Queen Amethyst Free Evil Minions and engage in 3D with this addictive action RPG! Dangerous queen was a liar crest beneath a peaceful settlement that she likes with her dirty monsters.

But never missing! The country that was my bow and the sword of justice and honor and the straight-set heroes come ready resistance with a backlash! The brave elves, mages, and warriors come to conquer the historical weapons, centuries-old conflict-seeking attractions and the evil forces of Queen Amethyst. Wait ... are you really ready? Skills: Decision Epic Free-to-Download Strategy Experience RPG (Role Playing Game)

  • Recruit and choose for the success of the legendary hero army!
  • Each hero and top-grade runs a certain exceptional speed
  • Many fighting courtesy partner problems and survival courtesy vs example players
  • Create great battle hand, level up and get on their way to developing highly effective cards
  • And experience the mysterious lands and fresh places through clones that conquer life!
  • Use royal powers and many heroes and villains to take full control of Stardust with a plan to capture the drawbacks of aromatic cheese total epic research!
  • Carefully get to the cartoon beautiful 3D and learn easy to tactical control: though some extra play options can be purchased for real money, the war is completely free to play.

Your device can be idly sorted by settings. The system was linked play with. There is no lack of this heritage of war. These talks have resulted in issues.

Want to use a topic, concept war, in modern times and more weapons, including our own things. However, history warns mysterious creatures of human creativity.

As a result, the game takes issue with war weapons, tanks, ammunition, video game titles, along with popular players-inspired swords and magical uses. The hand of war is all about the initial struggle between the unique species on the life of the planet. Of course, animal species are found.

"However, perhaps the Queen of the game is your Queen forces him to control the Devil through the Amethyst. It has created a very powerful military. Warrior witches are easy to approve and avoid all tragedies. The map of the conflict appears to be arranged in several scenes at the hands of war. The game begins to fight everything, with movement gaining speed.

Great new Features of BattleHand Mod apk game

Pretending to have a few moments is to consider throwing your own game skills. Each struggle has to take 2 personalities, allowing you to battle or think carefully before you. Each enthusiast has different strengths and weaknesses due to the fact. Coverage may be familiar to select the hero and accept the opponent's excitement. Each participant has many skills to improve.

A person can turn to some of the ultimate abilities as four abilities. Although the ultimate talent can return a moment of cool enough skill to go back. In related event competitions, you can kill a lot whether you use it or not. Ways you have a number. PvP Championship 2 mode, you can play at any time; Point.

The player will see the situation using the next perspective and therefore, in any case, seems to be struggling. In addition, the War Hand Full HD should use the allure of struggles with fresh angles. If you are thinking of time perhaps the impression of a sword or meteorite when you have to accept the excitement. Elves combine with warring tribes, including mages and warriors.

What's new in the latest version

  • Arena The New King's Guild Wars and Cave Events Furious
  • Some annoying bugs squashed!

War Hand Forum @ Kongregatekcom for more information

What Saying User About BattleHand Mod Role Playing Game

User 1: I enjoy the game, but the game freezes I click on each icon store. Uninstall the game and after about a year: I have no new card, basically, the game has already been purchased or collected with me for free on a Fair Update. The freezing problem yet did not know what was taken care of. My internet connection problem has no effect on the end of it. Although great games you can play it.

User 2: I want more like this game. The charming character design, entertaining dialogue and a fun card / turn-based combat system set up. But after a few hours of play, I hit a wall. 90% of the time, after loading the game, I can not click without "add all menus" get stuck going anywhere with the message. All I can do is stop the game again and maybe try to force more luck. But usually not.

User 3: Great game with serious errors, it breaks the problems most games suffer some. The shop only takes a few minutes to open, regardless of their connection, I had to wait 5 minutes until then. The previous progress jumps in the distance RNG campaign progress, which often now gives your party maps, not just for all the heroes. Seeking Your Rating Leave The Problems "Seeking