CamScanner Pro Apk (v5.15.3.20191122) + Premium Unlocked + License APK

CamScanner Pro Apk (v5.15.3.20191122) + Premium Unlocked + License 2022

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v5.15.3.20191122 for Android
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Nov 10, 2020

Hello! If CamScanner Rev is not a user, then welcome, then download it latest CamScanner Pro APK (v5.15.3.20191122) + Open Premium + License Apk see that you come to the right. This page will let you know that The CamScanner Pro APK is an APK version of specialty and modification, so downloading CamScanner Pro is easy to rave productivity, click on the fast drive link CDN

With CamScanner Pro APK

Documents cannot be scanned overseas for students. But the scanner does not invest in something everyone can own. Now, these operations can be carried out by customers as a result of the nearest smartphone.

Make a CamScanner scanner or your phone. They still have high levels of information technology; Can be any scanner.

CamScanner scans the content store synchronizes it to the computer and charge on smartphones, iPod tablets and even.

According to statistics, CamScanner installed more than 380 million systems in more than 200 countries around the world. The statistics on the partially proven data show that their role in the application business is fulfilled successfully.

Every day more and more users are bursting with more application promises than ever registering. This app is one of the top 50 applications you must have on your phone. After scanning 4 documents it will not be difficult for users to get the right quality to do it.

And with the use of crop picture mathematical rules and advanced computation rules, the app lets you perspective a lot more when it contributes images to users. This is the ideal way to scan documents instead of your own phone. What's more, this program allows you to store, sync and set, and scan different content on a tablet computer.

The application brings excellent features and options for scanning

The app allows users to edit the end documents as you want to create comments. In addition, you can mark your own documents. If perhaps you find the rest of the documented symptom treatment.

If using a card, can save effort and they look easy. At the same time, they can help OCR register for searches, you can find pictures and text of notes. Just enter keywords, you can document what you want to identify at the very beginning. "CamScanner "Can privacy be encouraged? Answer Yes If you want to protect, you can also set a password, the documents show. In addition, when sending a download link, you can set the password to protect it by showing others.

The application also allows users to synchronize different programs. Increases synchronizing documents. Because after posting one, you will be able to view and edit just about every sign for smartphones, tablets or tablets (visit and share any account. What content.

If you find it difficult to scan the document collection, you must execute it. Since there is a significant amount of time CamScanner users will save you an ideal option. Do you need to scan different types of documents? Receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, etc. are a stress app that does not allow you to even scan all paper documents and digitize

So time will really come for them, closing an app seems to be many integrated tasks. With the application, fax documents work for the user while starting to lower the air pressure and flexibility. You can publish a printer by forcing all files in memory.

Amazing benefits of CamScanner Premium APK

* Quickly digitize document

Just scan your phone's camera with all kinds of paper documents digitized: receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates and more.

* Optimized scan quality

Smart Crops & Auto Make sure the graphics are sharp with plain text and scanned documents and premium colors and resolutions.

* Extract captions

The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function detects later editing or document images viewed after images and text excerpts. (Premium only)

* Share PDF / A JPEG files

PDF to PDF or easily share documents in various ways with friends: Download document written on social media, message attachments or link via e-mail.

* AirPrint and fax documents

Immediately prints each document from CamScanner via AirPrint with a printer proximity; Select fax documents directly from the application in more than 30 countries.

* Detailed editing documentation

Comment on the documentation with the complete set of editing tools. A custom watermark is also available to mark your own documents.

* Quick check

If you have a lot of documents, you can use tags to categorize tags and easy to find. In addition, the search OCR helps you find the text within the image and notes. Just enter a keyword, you can quickly find the document. (Registrar only).

* Protect important documents

To protect sensitive content, you can set the password to be considered key documents; If you have sent a document download link, you can set a password to see other protection set by them.

* Sync to the platform

Increases synchronizing documents. Just go to any known ( for smartphone, tablet or computer) and you can view, edit and share any document. (Registrar only).

Premium subscription features

1. OCR (TXT Image Converter, Excel and Image)

2. Web Applications  Download PDF file

3. Third document secure communication in other parts

4.Maximum number of partners  An additional 40 pairs

5. 10G cloud space

6. ID-scan status

7. Remove Ads or Watermark

8. Different collages of two separate documents

9. E-signature

10 Scan condition of books

Scans and manages user CamScanner

* Bills, invoices, contracts, tax rolls, business cards ...

* Whiteboard, Memo, Script, Letter ...

* Blackboard, Note, PPT, book, article ...

* Credentials, credentials, identity documents ...

Third-Party Support Cloud Storage Services:, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox,

The free version is an ad-supported version and scanned documents are generated to add a watermark with a 30-page range, and notes; Evernote Upload / OneDrive is available for 7 days; Invite up to 10 partners per document.

Allow observation:

1. Storage: CamScanner cell phones should be allowed on the store documents.

2. Camera: CamScanner allows you to use a camera to scan documents.

3. Phone: No device ID must be guaranteed to force them to subscribe to a device or access a premium CamScanner has received in normal usage.

What a recent software update

1. PDF import improvements: 1. Supports PDF batch import 2. Import PDF support, which includes more than 100 pages.

2. Now you can drag images to select the album, with your finger on the screen.

To Install SAI Law

  • Download "ZIP "file removes modern and easy.
  • After you remove the 2 APK files.
  • Just uninstall all previous versions.
  • A set of 2 apk for your phone.
  • After you install and scan your documents just launch your APK.

Download CamScanner Pro APK + (Open Premium / AD)

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