Color Hole 3D Mod Apk (v1.1.3) + Unlimited Coins + Money + No Ads APK

Color Hole 3D Mod Apk (v1.1.3) + Unlimited Coins + Money + No Ads 2022

41 MB
v1.1.3 for Android
Updated On:
Dec 18, 2019

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • No Ads

Hello! Color Hole 3D Game Lovers Download Latest Color Hole Appearance 3D Modification apk (v1.1.3) + has unlimited coins + money + no ads, then congratulations, you come to the right page. On this page, we know what apk color hole 3D android games and version of change, so you can easily click on the arcade game, download color hole 3D, android provide CDN drive links.

The color hole is an APK feature of 3D modification

Color Hole 3D is a new product with good games. The developer, with the theme balls created at the moment, like the color hole 3D player, Color Bump on 3D or 3D Run Race 3 takes many levels in the colorful world to win a lot of interesting arcade games.

Shade 3D game during the game is an interesting arcade game with interesting. Which he controls a hundred degrees, waiting for more customers to suck on luggage. There are bits and do both purple and many other things. Players are the only character that was found through the hole it lead.

It can touch or pass over to start from scratch, have to take things. Word problems work to bring in almost all players and more questions are still on the implementation.

Once again, their last addiction is making 3D!

Very easy to play Master Hard

The board is not clear and draw other colors, that is!

Endless fun at 100 levels!

About color hole 3D:

The game is a simple concept, but addictive gameplay is popular because you can play without a network connection and experience anywhere at any time. In particular, you do not need to spend much time learning to spend a lot of money playing or buying elements.

This game attracts many players in the gaming market and receives very positive reviews. We can create a new mobile game name for the color 3D, 3D fireballs, crowded city, etc. Color hole 3D This style of Android games, which is one of the top games app memory on Google Play. It's not surprising that the game is pretty simple, but makes for a great ball game with addictive gameplay.


There is a 3D hole in the color where it works, a lot of shapes to prevent a black hole phase in unique shape. You remove all white items "Consumption" and different colors. In the first encounter, I can confirm and play color gameplay, the gameplay comes with a combo, including 3D. However, not all of it is quiet when you want to control in and around the city you eat.

In the game, you have to take a finger, then control the gap with the finger and match on the display for the browse hole. The game is designed for, and that means you can absolutely play with it.


In fact, color holes 3D should be very simple rules, that you consider all objects are objects and ignore other colors. During the game, when you see the white shapes in your black hole, you feel very satisfied. Many white shapes are arranged in different layout color blocks. You have to adjust the hole wisdom and good things to swallow and overcome obstacles according to speed.

In addition, the end of the game when all the outlines make it on the map. Follow in all situations you are not in a hurry because it does not color hole 3D or restricts liability. All you care about is being able to achieve the ongoing game at the next level.

Three key features of the color hole D:

  • But simple gameplay is difficult to win, the easy play makes. You can play with just one finger.
  • 101 levels of increased difficulty.
  • No document, one of the element packages you buy with cash.
  • Bright colored players can relax more.
  • Game light that's typically running on current Android devices.

What is Mentioned Color Hall 3D Modification APK:

The color hole mentioned is 3D unlock as well as any other content for game currency. You can focus on this game. However, there is a problem that always appears in any game of this type, which is advertising. They give way developers the same look to generate revenue for your gaming experience that often looks uncomfortable. Problems can be solved in two ways:

Turn off network connection to prevent ads from playing.

Use the color hole 3D mode apk that we have in this article.

Of course, you need to close the network connection because it does not want to affect the data from other applications. Therefore, the color hole is ideal use in 3D mode. In this paper, we bring you the latest mods that you remove, ads that improve the gaming experience. All

The recent update of the new du

Updates and enhancements

Thanks for the color hole 3D game!


The user calls the color hole 3D mode apk

1stb User: As long as it breaks after every level with ads, the game is clean, comfortable and satisfying. When I am not, so if I choose a sports patron, and. So I like it, I generously. Most people do not. Forcing people to play the game interruptions with ads after they had such a scandal also played a short time match for me and the game. I still didn't mind dropping some ads after that, was still upset.

User 2: I'm really torn between 2 and 3 stars. Addicted to the game? Yes, I can say that at a level I 638. Is it fun? No, not really. Many levels are repeated, and there is no challenge to the game. Level 1 will face exactly the same problem you will face after the 600-level. No, don't get me wrong because there is a big stretch of time to play big games mindlessly, but not stupid.

3 User: a spendthrift good time. Unfortunately, the app basically announces the level of waste every 15 seconds because of it. I can't speak without a podcast or continuous interruptions of music. The app can't pause music or podcasts or e-books for every ad, it's better than just about hearing about these things. If it's $ 3, maybe I'll be happy. Hell, if the ads would be less disruptive, I wouldn't. See all the ads while stopping me from everything.

Now Color Hole 3D Hack APK + (Unlimited Money / Coins / No Advertising)

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