MX Player Pro Mod Apk (v1.16.5) + No Ads + Unlocked For Android APK

MX Player Pro Mod Apk (v1.16.5) + No Ads + Unlocked for Android 2022

15 MB
v1.16.5 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 27, 2020

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Ads Removed
  • Removed all languages except Russian and English
  • Support for ARM and X86 processors
  • Disable Analytics
  • Remove unnecessary codes to make the application faster

If you don't MX Player Pro Mod Apk (v1.15.4) + No Ads + Unlock All Features, then you are on the right page. This page will tell you which features of the MX Player Pro Apk for Android Music and Video Player and Premium Apk (Pro) are the fastest VND downloads for you in one click. It provides a drive link. So you can easily download MX Player Pro Android videos. Player app.

What is so special about MX Player Pro Apk Free?

This is an ad-free version of the MX Player.

MX Player - Very ideal way.

A) Hardware Enhancement - Gear acceleration can be applied to video using a fresh HW + decoder.

B) Multicore Decoding - MX Player is your first Android movie player to confirm multi-core decoding. The results show that the efficiency of the device is 70% higher than the mechanism.

C) Zoom, Zoom and Pinch on Pan - Zoom in and out by swiping to the monitor. Pan and zoom on your option is possible.

D) Gestures for Substitutes - Scroll forward / backward to move to the next/previous text, and then scroll up / down to move the text up and down. Zoom in / out to resize text

E) Parental Control - Keep your kids entertained without having to worry about keeping up or running various programs. (Plugin required)

Mod Light Info:

Pictures / zipalign;

Data that is clean and analytical for Google;

Languages: Some languages.

Changing all colored symbols;

Used primarily on darker topics with active buttons (config / participant / navigation / switch;);

Changing the icon on a reasonable lock after touching the display (touch result);

Name in MX Video;

Change icon

Application customization


  • Op Optimized Graphics / Zipalign
  • Clean statistics and Google tics analytics
  • Many languages


  •  All languages ​​except Russian and English have been removed.
  • Support for ARM and X86 processors
  • Disable analysis
  • Remove unnecessary code to speed up the app

Mode color:

Replace all active symbols with colored ones

Used in dark theme, preferably all active buttons (settings / player / navigation / buttons)

Turn icons into smart locks when you touch the screen (touch effect)

Named MX Video

Fill mark

Application customization

MX Player, a video app that has been downloaded more than 500 million times worldwide, launched its OTT (online video streaming) service in India's largest markets this week. The world's favorite MX player has gained a loyal user base for many years as an app that can play any video you play on your smartphone, tablet or tablet, with Android TV Buys. High-end specifications or updated software. It was acquired in June Mass, an India-based group called Times Internet, and now big giants are showing what they want to do with the app.

This is an ad-free version of the MX Player. The free version has no functional limits. Please try the free version before purchasing the Pro version.

Powerful video player with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support.

Amazing features of the MX Player Pro Mod Apk

A) Hardware Access Access - The new HW + decoder can be applied to more videos with hardware acceleration.

B) Multicore Decoding - MX Player is the first Android video player to support multi-core decoding. Test results show that dual-core device performance is 70% better than a single-core device.

C) To zoom, zoom and pan on your fingers, just zoom in or out. Move your finger across the screen. Also available with zoom and panning options.

D) Subtitle Description - Scroll forward / backward to move forward / backward text, zoom in / out to move the text up or down, or move the text up or down.

E) Parental Controls - Keep your kids entertained without having to worry about calling or touching other apps. (Plugin required)

MX Player Mod Apk Subtitle Format:

  • Track of DVD, DVB, SSA / ASS subtitles.
  • Substation alpha (.ssa / .ass) with sub-style.
  • Sami (.smi) with Ruby Tagging Support.
  • subprime (.srt)
  • Microved (.sub)
  • wobsb (./. Idex)
  • Subwire 2.0 (.sub)
  • MPL2 (.mpl)
  • TMPlayer (.txt)
  • Tally text
  • PJS (.PJS)
  • WebVTT (.vtt)

For "Draw on other applications" permission: This permission is required to lock the system button when the input lock on the playback screen is turned on.

About Bluetooth "Permission: This permission is required to improve synchronization when a Bluetooth headset is connected.

About the "Disable Lock Lock" permission: Temporary unlock permission is required when using this parental control mode. However, Secure Screen Lock is not disabled.

Regarding "vibration control", "preventing the device from idling": For media playback on some devices, this permission is required.

Some screens come from Creative Elephant Dreams under Creative Queens Attribution 2.5.

(C) Copyright Copyright 2006, Blender Foundation / Dutch Institute of Media for Media /

Some screens have been licensed from Big Bank Rabbit under Creative Queens Attribution 3.0.

(C) Copyright 2008, Blender Foundation /

What is new?

* New: Support for more codecs

* Fixed: Background issues on newer Android versions

* Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

* Fixed: Soft navigation buttons do not appear on some devices

* Fixed: License verification issues on devices with Android 8 and newer versions

* Fixed: background playback with fast access cannot be grounded

* We have to repaint your favorite video player.

* Now with grid view with larger thumbnails.

Improved caching of thumbnails and loading of local videos.

Floating button colors have been adjusted to give better visibility to darker topics.

* MX Player can now read subtitles on external memory of some Asus / Huawei devices.

* HW + decoder can now move to the next file on MiBox3.

* And we've improved performance.

We look forward to hearing from you and starting an equalizer for your favorite player.

Further Impressions:

* Shortcuts are now customizable.

* Media list will now be updated properly after the change.

* Some LG devices have resolved issues with fast scrolling and playback speed on the TV.

*** v1.10.46 ***

* Are you slowly scrolling through hundreds of files/folders? We have good news! Now scroll quickly to any topic on your list.

* Now that you download files in the background, our Media Listing screen responds better to your touch.

*** v1.11.5 ***

We look forward to hearing from you and starting an equalizer for your favorite player.

Further Impressions:

  • Shortcuts can now be customized.
  • Now updated properly after changes to the media list.
  • Fixed issues with fast scrolling on TV and playback speed on some LG devices.

*** v1.14.4 ***

With this version, we provide basic 64-bit support. What does 30% better performance of the MX Player mean for faster and more complete video playback?

We've also improved compatibility with X86 and Tegra 3 chipsets. You no longer need additional codec packages to use the app!

Oh yeah, we've also fixed a number of bugs that bother you a lot

  • Network streaming problems with 1.12.x.
  • Subtitle issue on some Android 5.x devices

What Users Say About the MX Player Pro Mod Apk

First user: I've used it for years to play my video files, and it's the only best video player you can get. It's super customizable (I use a dark theme with blue text), runs any video and audio format you can imagine (as long as you download the free codecs you need for the files). And buy a few bucks for the Pro version. I can only recommend this app!

Another user: If you want to do the things that are in it, the MX Player Pro Apk is a great app. I've tried other apps and this is the best I have ever had !! It's easy to use and it's upgradeable to MX Player Pro. Eventually, I found an app that does all the work. Now I should not be disappointed that I have figured out how to download the things I need. Keep up the great work you want !!.

Third User: Better VLC player than I use. With the free version, I bought the full version after just 10 minutes. I think it will just remove the ads, but I prefer to support developers who have put everything into their applications. I would like to add a few things in the future: a pitch shift to counter this high pitch filtering on videos sent by my friends from Snapchat. There are also many rotary and flip video controls. It would be good to fix a false or mirrored video.

How to download and install the MX Player Pro Mod Apk

1) Download the latest MX Player Pro Mod Apk through the download link below.

2) Once your APK is downloaded, just install your music app and enjoy it.

3) If MX Player Pro mod is already installed on your phone, uninstall it and install the specified mod Apk.

Download Apk MX Player Pro Mod for Free + Hack

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