Dream Town Story Mod Apk (v1.7.1) + Unlimited Money + Gems + No Ads APK

Dream Town Story Mod Apk (v1.7.1) + Unlimited Money + Gems + No Ads 2020

61 MB
v1.7.1 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 24, 2020

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • No Ads

Hello, Dream Town Story game players do not need to download the latest Dream Town History mode apk (v1.7.1) + unlimited money + like + download, then congratulations, you have come to the right. On this page, we'll find out what Dream Town History will give one, so you can easily download the Dream Town History Android Simulation Game Download, click on the fast CDN drive link with the Android game and modification version APK.

Dream Town is an APK feature of history change

Tired simulators by taking the city quiet until your time? Build cities that can see this simulation game is down to make home and crawl eyes dream exciting!

Compete with other cities in the position, or simply take it easy and move on with their own prices.

Construction of houses saves people the number of events added and the various features to get them to wear, keep it a beautiful place. Buy will promote the purchase vehicles of its own citizens, such as traders or bicycles, to take them to areas to activate travel.

Finding more places to get new resources for production for specific new tasks everyone're looking for is a detailed city strategy to help inmates increase it down to the city ... there's just plenty to do it!

Try as soon as you settle in your town and build cities.

To make that go amazing if I didn't play much, and I'm going to play fantasy town history all the time!

- Kidrobot

Your device enhancement in the game is saved. Restart or Save Program Information Remove, The following files cannot be retrieved.

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I want you to understand that I'm playing this game. MOD in the history of Fantasy City is not nostalgic toward a well-structured city with 8-bit images, including unlimited resources, loving and real life. The player who made Kairosoft an exciting game in a city that could be the platform and Android have iOS.

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Turns into a Mayor:

Game Home Street, which will be enjoyed as mayor, with the development and development of a booming city under the control of your city development, and with all the Joy City Sim mobile phone works.

The people living in the city will build your city by the phone road ready to start field preparation. They understand that its residents, who are closely watching each family living in the city and in life, appreciate each and every one of them for their help. Many factors are taken or such environmental problems, landscape and social, etc... As mentioned earlier, each member has his or her own life when you play this type of game and whatever influences their choice as a cake hobby work on the field. Is, diet is a woman ...

Help them meet and feel better about life with bonsai yoga, building parks, opening city utilities ... you will enjoy it! Amazingly, you feel happy to see happy citizens in daily life.

Great new features Dream Town History Modification APK


The story of Fantasy City begins with the screen of character creation, as you occupy things of their own citizens. Information function, intelligence, and HP. Has a direct impact on your city; How to be able to go to HP space: Your shop can be viewed, and even generate revenue.

Other features of its inhabitants: excitement, enthusiasm, and flexibility.

They have more money, have to deal with citizens, and you'll get even more. You can make it work and recruit the house.


You need to pay for the construction of the building's requirements. If you do not pay, because you may need to take twice daily construction, I am disappointed about it. Let's put the building in place and they can't leave it there. No cash games, cash. Be careful when all buildings can be brought.

"That's right, just: "I believe that after this change the product you think has moved. However, the cost of building a distance is money.

Be careful:

If you get game construction of the key to your locations in the game, to start credit problems, you need to borrow your game to get around the construction costs of buildings. If you are rich, it's time. Be careful what you can do because of the case you have to keep in mind because construction can use paying down debts. And destroying a building is difficult without having to cover a loan.

People should not even have more things that I recommend building.

In Online Mode:

Dream Town History You can visit the city, but the real city is any city or game. If you've played the game, then you probably already know those friends list area that is closed, which means you can be friends of our country. Only philanthropists from the United States can be friends of the US, Canada can only be Canada, Japan is only Japanese friends ...


As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Dream Town History is built on a simple 8-bit graphics platform. No need for nice 3D graphics, Dream Town Story won the player with a simple known design, the game is captivating.

But then there are some fictional town features that make me sad. But in the implementation of this game, you have to try to play it. Imaginary Town History iOS support with Android platform you download from the link below.

Dream user feedback on Town History mode apk

1 Users: This game was very fun! I can see all my friends that challenge each other every day, but there is a problem. I have no way to restart the game, and then I can pay my pill, but go wrong again and again. Understandably, she is very old !! Totally recommend this and other Kairosoft games👍🏼 !!!

User 2: This game is very popular, and I like Cairo country friends who can also continue to try to play such a game .. I love simple graphics, but wait for the finance game to do some work for the system ... for much cost Necessary and hey, you pay for it (if it's microtransactions with a very high negative number that I - 400 long), or help pay off that debt. In addition to the usual testing, great game! Overall 4 stars, both graphics, and control, but the gameplay 4 fifth

User 3: Why should I try to recall why it pushed in the first place. It was fun and faster than the worst version of Edo cities/adventure towns. This shit is fast or slow because in hell with a request for the monthly sub to move to basic tasks. Not only that, in-game cash carry, but on top, you get 2 rallies a day. It's crazy.

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