ES File Explorer Pro Patched Apk (v1.1.4.1) + No Ads + Free Themes APK

ES File Explorer Pro Patched Apk (v1.1.4.1) + No Ads + Free Themes 2022

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Pro v1.1.4.1 for Android
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Aug 02, 2020

Hello! ES File Explorer Pro  Manager User File If you are looking to download es File Explorer Pro patched apk (v1.1.4.1) + no ads + free theme android latest, you would like to come to the right side. On this page, es File explorer Pro attribute  What Android File Manager file ES and will know that we change the frequency apk link, click the Google Drive for download so you can easily download ES file Explorer Pro, Android apk you.

ES File Explorer Pro patched Specialty & features

ES Explorer (File Manager) File Pro version will continue to provide more high quality and good service

With ES File Explorer (File Manager) Pro version, you can:

√ Show ad-free version

√More adjusted Updated color charts and Top Choices

√More ES Explorer (File Manager) expects to improve the file's application and to hold the most powerful file manager for Android # 1 should try again.

Google content design or shortly after √more theme options.

With ES, you can reach your FTP server, Wi-Fi file transfer, Bluetooth file and just connect with your Chromecast.

ES File Explorer Pro patched features & reviews

★ File Manager: all the music, pictures and video files, libraries easily catalog any type of file. PC, connect with Mac, Linux servers, smartphones, tablets, cloud file

★ File transfer: mobile, mobile, mobile, PC and mobile moving to PC file transfer

★ Cloud Management: ES Dropbox,, SugarSync, Google Drive, OneDrive-SkyDrive, Amazon S3, Yandex and many other cloud platforms.

★ SD Card Analyst: ES you can manage files by using the SD card and analyze the results.

Features and benefits of ES File Explorer (File Manager)

So if you choose multiple access to the phone's SD card, external SD card and phone's internal memory, cut /copy/paste, create, delete, rename, move, search and manage your files using the file manager. , to hide the links and bookmarks

►App Manager: Installation, backup, remove the link to create and delete classifieds APK files in your app

EnabledRemote File Manager: When this feature is enabled, you can manage files on your PC, tablet, Mac, Linux servers from your phone

Collection Manager: allows you to compress and unpack ZIP files, RAR files uncompressed, 7z files and encrypted (the AES 256 bit) ZIP files to decrypt

Including a variety of viewers and players for various file types: image, music and video; Quickoffice such as improved productivity and efficiency, and support for third-party apps

They are like miniature images of the APK and ►shows

►Text viewers and editors

► On your home PC via WiFi with SMB through your smartphone

FTP and WebDAV client act: how to FTP, FTP, SFTP and WebDAV servers to manage files, manage the files on the SD card.

Insert the Bluetooth File Browser: you can copy and paste files between devices developed for Bluetooth. ES Explorer (File Manager) OBEX FTP support for browsing the file to transfer files between Bluetooth devices Devices

Do a single click, store and accelerate the increase in the completion of tasks with your device: the need to know is that you want to ignore the murder of your current RAM situation automatic job on your home screen and therefore hold that the application is a simple widget that contains a list. It happens. It is necessary for the facility manager module.

DeleteCache cleaners and automatic start Manager: Remove complete junk files take up valuable disk space. It is necessary for the facility manager module.

Equipment Root Explorer file management tool in the final group for the root user. All data directories provide access to the entire file system, and you can change the user permissions.

►Supports multiple languages: English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Tamil, Catalan, Turkish, Lithuanian, Portuguese and many more.

What you are saying about ES File Explorer Pro patched apk

1 User : option does not work when it's about saving taught as their e-mail and writing a response after 3 days on his Facebook page. Responsibility as they are to our professional customers. I must say that they should all be free to deal with the customer? The application is good, but customer service is very poor. Reliability lost. Then I have a tendency to indulge in no more than 3 stars, but if the customer sees nothing, at least I can serve 1. Grace sales and therefore improve the big claim that could not be treated.

2 users: just File / Admin folder that I use. Of course, Folder Manager, which can be obtained for the best file / your tablet or phone. And nothing comes close! Buy the full product ... I have, and have never regretted it for a moment! An exceptional product! I could give it 10 stars if I could. Powerful, full of resources and options. I just can not recommend the software ... I do understand that it usually decide what is best for your company. But this piece of software, so only highly recommended that we find 5UT!

3 Users: Apply and after a small moment I have a lane setup, LAN I didn't want much since I just bought it after buying another app, unfortunately, I purchased this app, I could work easier with LAN."Same Price". I just love this app and it's not really expensive. To get the app you want to invest in a good file manager is to receive it. With many useful extras and easy to get used to. Well, at least the recall is just my opinion, and I exclude the other, but most of them did not try to just 10.

Download and install the ES File Explorer Pro patched apk

1) First of all, download the link below Rev. ES File Explorer Pro patched under the new request.

2) Download One Time APK, easy to install and fun to guess the file manager.

3) Put your phone normally Rev. ES File Explorer already installed, uninstall it and where modern apk request.

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