Fishdom Mod Apk (v4.30.3) + Unlimited Money + Free Shopping + No Ads APK

Fishdom Mod Apk (v4.30.3) + Unlimited Money + Free Shopping + No Ads 2020

97 MB
v4.30.3 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 13, 2020

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping
  • All Ads Removed

Hello! Fishdom Game Lover If you are not looking for the latest Fishdom mod apk (v4.30.3) + unlimited money + free shopping + no ads, then congratulations, you have come to the right page. On this page, we easy In order to download Fishdom, Android puzzle game which will provide direct links with Fishdom, Android game and this modified version APK, is available for download.

Fishdom Mod Apk Specialty And Features

Has it ever been before? Take a deep breath with Fishdom, an entirely new free game and immerse yourself in the world of match-3 fun!

Because you're trying to make a dessert challenge, decorate the aquarium three-game Talker to create unique puzzles and fun to match a comfortable home. Feed them, play with them and watch them interact together. Hey, his lending friends now make sure to wait for him to dive and enjoy the exciting water adventure!

Aquarium confusing game Candy Crush asks you to compile a variety of genre and board marine thematic elements. Of course you must have at least three, and keep in mind that some items must be compiled boxes of unusual color.

Match at least three points to "conquer" and "adjust" an area on extraordinary moves. You'll find a huge range of remnants of canisters on the number of nuclear weapons they're spending time on before they can compile.

Fishdom is a natural Match-3 game with its own aquarium development (Thunderstruck game).

So the test you have to complete each level move assigned will increase a lot more for you . Fishdom is always going to keep new ingredients that are example bonded or silver umbrellas to the left without problems with dazedness and discouraged cells.


  • Unique gameplay: swap and match pieces, design and play aquarium decorated with fish, and it's a puzzle game catch!
  • 3 levels of fun match challenging levels and play
  • Compete with other players for even faster growth, your aquarium
  • Each has its own personality Discover the exciting underwater world with fun 3D fish
  • The decoration kept the aquarium alive with breathtaking water
  • Grab your scuba mask and enjoy the amazing aquarium graphics
  • It's a blast for all: share your Fishdom Frenzy with your friends on Facebook!
  • No Wi-Fi or Internet connection required

What’s the Features of Fishdom Puzzle Mod Apk

So is Fishdom unique in terms of different stages of the same species? So the Aquarium. When you have the finished playing level, buy gold coins aquarium decorations and everyone gets to buy more new tropical fish.

There will be something identified with fish here     

After completing each level, you come to this is a brilliant opportunity for your aquarium. Do not encourage fish pressure to gather. This may be a bit unusual for their unusual and sweet approach to stymie difficulties. Except for the cash and goals established by the fact that new fishes, objects and light subject to open the apocalypse closely.

Does this mean you are distracted and looking for a great puzzle to help if your character Express uninhibited? Fishdom has tried the last two "keys to get" fishing.

What's new in the latest updates

Dive a new Fishdom update!

Try to get the gold

  • Herman Kakra You are participating in a tournament! Compete against other players to be the best captain!
  • Pilot swimmers and collect gold rugs
  • Prize winner top ranking

New Match 3

  • Rock Sapphire Dig Break
  • Seals series snow hole helps
  • Collect keys to open the level, beat the chest with the necessary elements


  • New Polar Station Aquarium
  • 4 new fish.


Summer days

  • On July 17 the new aquarium set to start heating up
  • Collect all the colorful decoration

Coupon ads

  • Earned the award on July 30th
  • Complete it to receive all the rewards: a stack of coupons!

Team Chest

  • A new event begins on August 2, together with their peers
  • A Team Bit Level Unlock Reward Chest


  • The new Savannah Aquarium
  • New element: water rocket


  • Dive a new Fishdom update!


  • Preparing an event in the sky is difficult to make a surprise party begins in October
  • Win to complete tasks, collect tokens and rewards!


  • Collect chestnut decorations at the introduction of the new Autumn Fair Aquarium in September
  • To get a premium, decorate the aquarium


  • Sweet award sweet performance event from October
  • New Elements: Vault with Ruby
  • Mountain Village Aquarium
  • 5 new fish

What Saying User’s About Fishdom Modified Game

User 1: Just starting playing, but I've been personally in love with Fish. Developers can find a way to vouchers out of its so special fish more assessable. Spend at least not often less than $ 100.00, if you have the tools to help you win, then you really hang on for at least 4 hours on a puzzle before you win. Such an instrument is never enough to win you one of the quickest events. Overall this is a fun game.

User 2: I like to play, save time. I play for the rest and keep my mind busy, but when the game bothers me a lot and I, especially when you get to a higher level. If I met more than one at the end of 410, I was frustrated because I tried to beat a lot of reload levels and uninstall the game and I didn't buy things to spend money on, and when I'm out of bombs, etc., and during that game Hit, that's really annoying !!!!

User 3: Even addictive drunk and busy day for good fun, after decorating beautiful decorations, but not the bed that I, but before closing it, the speed level and they can go to another game, and return to this level when I made it through some difficulty. , And take them to the game. Even if my first aquarium with many fish, my Hawian, did not feed, there is no food for them, I will leave behind, or they will die! That is, as long as he lives and sadly buys after his name.

Pro Tips: 

If you have any problems playing in the mode or have to download the file to install the game, you can ask in the comments section. We will help you as soon as possible. Visit Thanx and to download.