MX Player Pro Mod Apk (v1.15.4) + No Ads + Unlocked For Android APK

MX Player Pro Mod Apk (v1.15.4) + No Ads + Unlocked for Android 2022

for Android
Updated On:
Oct 20, 2019

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Ads Removed
  • Removed all languages except Russian and English
  • Support for ARM and X86 processors
  • Disable Analytics
  • Remove unnecessary codes to make the application faster
Hello MX Player Lovers Search + MX Player Pro Mod Apk (v1.14.4) + If there are any ads, then all the congratulations for downloading and unlocking, you come to the right page. On this page, we know what MX Player Pro provides version APK link to Google Drive with Android Music and Video Player and Premium Rev (Pro) downloads, so you can easily MX Player Pro Android Video Players Click to download the app.

What is MX Player Pro APK Free

This is an ad-free version of MX Player.

MX Player - Very nice way.
A) Hardware Acceleration - Intermediate sprints for video can be implemented using the fresh HW + decoder.

B) Multi-core decoding - MX Player is the first Android movie player to decode multicore confirmation. The results proved that more than 70% of device efficiency is put into the system.

Rotate and swipe the monitor and zoom in to increase and decrease - C to zoom), zoom and press into the pan. There is also a zoom and zoom icon.

D) SUBTITLE Gestures - Go to the next scroll to change text size up / down, up / down text transfer, up / down, next/previous text.

E) Lock Kids - Keep your ad for your kids to be sure, without having to call or break other programs. (Plugin required)

MOD light information:

Images / zipalign;
Google is clean and analyzing data;
Languages: Multi-languages.

Don't change all of the icons are so colorful;

Preferably active keys are used (configuration / partner / navigation / switch ✔) with Motif dunkeles;
Replace Icon (Photo) An intelligent lock part is the display (touching the results) you touch;
Renamed MX Video;
Replace icons;
Application optimization


- Optimized graphics / zipalign
- Clean statistics and Google Analytics
- In many languages


- All Russian and English languages ​​additionally
- Support for handheld and x86 processors
- Disabled analytics
- Remove unnecessary code rapid application

Change color:

Place all active symbols with colored ones
Preferably, in the theme of darkness with all the active buttons (settings /player/navigation/ button)
Place the mouse (pictured) in a smart lock when you touch the screen (touch effect)
Replace MX video NAME
Replacement signs
Application optimization

The MX Player was filled with more than 500 million video app downloads worldwide, but its OTT (Online Video Streaming) service kickstart is one of the biggest markets in India this week. MX Player, which has been popular around the world in recent years, acquires a loyal customer base of every video file, even if you have an app, tablet or phone for the Android TV box. High-end specs or updated software. It launches Times Internet, in June a group was acquired by India the Great Big Show that they wanted to do with the application, and now.

This is an ad-free version of MX Player. There are no functional limitations to the free version. Try to buy the Pro version before the first free version.

Powerful video player with advanced hardware acceleration and support for subtitles.

MX Player Amazing Features Pro Mod APK

A) Hardware usage - New HW + help decoder hardware acceleration can be applied to more videos.

B) Multi-core decoding - MX Player is the first Android video player to support multi-core decoding. Test results show that 70% of dual-core devices are better than single-core devices.

C) Zoom, zoom and pinch on the pan - when zoomed in and slightly pin out and wipe the screen. Other pressures depend on the alloy options.

D) Subtitle Description - Scroll forward / scroll backward, move next / up / change the text / out text size, expand or move the following text down.

E) Parental Control - that they are concerned to entertain their children without contact with phones or other applications. Required (plugin)

MX Player Mod apk subtitle formats:

- DVD, DVB SSA / Stupid subtitles.
- Subtitle Alpha (Kssa / Kass) with full styling.
- Sami Manek with tag support (SMI).
- SubRip (SRT)
- MicroDVD (KSub)
- VobSub (KSub / Kidksh)
- SubViewer2.0 (KSub)
- Nfla2 (.ampiel)
- Tnflyer (Ktkrsht)
- Teletecsht
- Fjsh (Kpjs)
- WebVTT (Kwtt)

About "" draw on other applications "": This system requires a key block when playback screen blocking input is enabled.
Bluetooth headset is required to create this sync connection: "" is authorized over Bluetooth.
Permission "" About idle screen lock "": This permission is required to temporarily remove the lock screen when child lock mode is used. However, it is not safe to disable screen lock.

These permissions for media playback on certain required devices: "" vibration control "", allow "" sleep "" to stop the device.

Some screens are creative elephant dreams under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5.
(C) Copyright 2006, Blender Foundation / Netherlands Media Art Institute /

Some screens are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Large Banks.
(C) Copyright 2008, Blender Foundation /

What is new

* New: More codec support
* Fixed: Background play issues on the new version of Android
* Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements
* Fixed: Soft navigation buttons are disappearing on some devices
* Fixed: Android devices with License Exam Questions 8 and newer versions
* Fixed: Quick shortcut that can switch background playback
* We have used a fresh coat of paint on your favorite video player.
* Now has a grid view with large thumbnails.
* Improved thumbnail caching and loading local video.
* Floating key colors have now been adjusted to look better on darker subjects.
* MX players can now read subtitles on Asus / Huawei external storage devices.
* HW + decoder can now forward the file to MiBox3.
* And we've made some performance improvements.
We look forward to hearing from you and starting a tie for your favorite player.

Other impressions:

* Instant shortcuts are now customizable.
* Media list changes are now updated appropriately.
* TV and playback speed issues have been fixed on some LG devices to quickly scroll.

*** Vlkl0k46 ***
* Is the files slowed down by hundreds on/while scrolling? We have good news! Now quickly scroll the list anywhere.
* Download your media list background screen files whenever your touch is good.

*** Vlkllk5 *** 

We look forward to hearing from you and starting a tie for your favorite player.

Other impressions:

- Quick links are now customizable.
- Changes to media list changes now.
- Fixed on some LG devices on TV and playback speed issues.

*** Vlkl4k4 ***

With this release, we bring the original 64-bit support. What does this mean? 30% faster experience on rich MX-players for improved performance and your video playback.

We also improve compatibility with X86 and Tegra3 chipset. You no longer have to use the extra codec pack app!

Oh yeah, we also have a lot of mistakes that are set to be very exciting 🙂

- Network streaming problems with 1.12.x.
- Subtitle issues with Android 5.x devices

User calls MX Player Pro mod apk

User 1: I use my video files in recent years and it's just the best video players you can get. In this super custom (I play dark theme with characters considered as blue gradient), you buy all the video and audio formats and a few bucks Pro version (unless you have to free the codec download file). I highly recommend this app for the advice!

User 2: MX Player Pro App tells you that it does. I put in other applications huge application efforts if you are ready to work on it and it is by far the best !! This is user-friendly and worth upgrading to Pro. I know all the work. Now the MX players get all the work. Now I want to keep a great job of downloading things I will not figure out how to download !!.

User 3: More VLC player that I use better. I bought the full version for only 10 minutes with the free version. I think it's not just ads, but developers who want to support their application. Some things I will be adding in the future: To send audio pitch shifts, I fight my friends on these high pitch filter videos on Snapchat. Much full rotation video control and flip rewinding will be nice to improve video viewing.

How to download mx player pro mod apk installation?

1) First, download the latest MX Player Pro mod apk below at the download link.
2) Guess easy to download, install and enjoy your music app one-time apk.
3) Drop your phone already installed MX Player Pro MOD, uninstall it and where the mod apk.

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