My Talking Hank Mod Apk (v1.8.3.161) + Infinite Money + Gems APK

My Talking Hank Mod Apk (v1.8.3.161) + Infinite Money + Gems 2022

98 MB
v1.8.3.161 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 15, 2020

Hello! My Talking Hank Game Lover If you're looking for the latest My Talking Hank Mod apk (v1.8.3.161) + Infinite Money + Unlimited Gems + Without Commercial, congratulations download on right coming. On this page we have My Talking Hank Android version of what Android Games has and modifies, one will easily download My Talking Hank, Android Google Drive provides the usual game links.

My Talking Hank Mod apk Specialty & Features

Introduction: Hunk is my thing! TomTom and I Angela is a free virtual pet game with Tom and friends - chain with more than one in the world like 7 billion downloads. Hunk talk, dear puppies out there are done. You should hunk! He prepares for research and air from the tropical island, but HEEDS help him!

This app includes:

  • 7 Products Outfit Advertising
  • Links to apps that bring customers to our websites and other clothing 7 apps
  • Tempt users to run personalization app content
  • 7:00 Animated characters through YouTube video compilation planning
  • In-app purchase option
  • Virtual currency items are available for different values, depending on the current level of the player
  • An alternative way to use all the applications functions without any application to purchase with real money (level progress, game performance).

What are the Features of My Talking Hank Mod APK

Your puppy

  • Take your dear, dear little children. He's kind. A puppy is so cute that you can't see it that far! Make great on your new favorite virtual pet piece. Swing them to sleep on their food, feed on their toilets and swing at the bottom of a window.

Support banks

  • Hunk like photography! She wants to take live pictures from all the wild animals on the island. More nimble white bunny, stupid flamingo gangster hip hop, and many hippos - and there are many to find them. Travel through different areas of the island. Keep toys and food for the animals. Click to show them wait ...! ... images of them

Beyond Fun

  • Talk to Hank with a cheerful voice said that everything will be repeated Hunk takes him to the next level! His constant excitement, his toilet cheating and even the noise quite a few laugh out!


  • Welcome to Hawaii: Check out your wonderful island home! It seems calm day and night!
  • Hunk Hike: You should take care of them until it goes to the bathroom!
  • Photo: Wild can complete your photo album, take pictures of exotic animals and help hunk.
  • Attractive Animals: Some of them are afraid of hunk you have food and toys need to attract them!
  • My thing is to find out more about Hunk playing, so keep on going in search!

What My Talking Hank Mod apk users say About it

User 1: I played on her husband's account and drug !! LOL !! I talked to Tom and Tom Hanks was very boring !! I was ready to get the stickers I follow before talking about the stickers back to Angela !! But now I'm down the hunk loading them for their wait !! But my dog ​​is so cute when she hears barking, she looks for them at the door and goes to the window !! LOL. I'm 48 and I love this game!

User 2: I'm doing Hanks so sweet I think this world, I talk to average love Hunk I think the new game is just the best game tool more points than this great game I love the game because I was on this game I love to think The idea didn't talk to me, so I can say thank you Od the Hunk game below.

User 3: Rights Love This game really shows all the rare animals and I can teach my son to talk about everything and Hank, and he can do anything he repeats especially if I Hank you know that my son's mother needed to hear Let him hear what he says to him and all around him I love this great game.

Download / Install My Talking Hank Mod apk

  • The latest download of the download link under my talk Hunk Mode apk.
  • At a time when you will download the apk, simply install and enjoy your game.
  • Already talk Hunk Rev install your phone, uninstall it and modern apk is provided.