PUBG Mobile Lite Apk (v0.14.6) + Obb Data + Graphics Tool APK

PUBG Mobile Lite Apk (v0.14.6) + Obb Data + Graphics Tool 2020

for Android
Updated On:
Jul 23, 2020

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Obb Data
  • Graphics Tool Download with Compressed Data

Hello! Mobile gamers until PUBG PUBG Mobile Lite apk (v0.12.0 b9588 compressed with data) + Download OBB data download + Graphics tools, then congratulations, you are coming to the right. The version of the game is click-and-click to deliver the APK download link on Google Drive so you can easily download the PUBG Mobile Lite Android survival action game.

What is the PUBG Mobile Lite feature

PUBG Mobile Lite is here! Pub Mobile, the version with Unreal Engine 4, is also compatible with other devices and the gaming experience optimized for those low-RAM devices, attracted millions of fans around the world to be affected. A small card is designed for pub mobile lights for up to 40 players, meaning a fast game still playing the traditional pub style!

1. Pub Mobile Light

The winner of the 2 x 2 km graphically rich all-showdown player, with your weapons, vehicles and accessories parachute for up to 40 players on the island parachute while standing in the area. The land is ready, get on the deprived, and survive.

2. High-quality graphics and HD audio

Powerful Unreal Engine 4 is a stunning expansion, realistic gameplay with visual effects and barley-footed visuals to create huge HD cards. They are high-quality audio and a rich 3D sound effect, to play in a world of immersion yourself.

3. Realistic Weapons

Deadly weapons, fair hands, and constant realistic ballistic and driving paths give you the chance to throw shots, shoot shots, or enjoy your ever-growing arsenal. Oh, and PUBG signatures too? We also got one.

4. Team with friends

Coordinate their battle plans through voice chat and a team with your friends and invite them to attack your enemies right.

5. Fair play environment

Powerful anti-cheat methods to ensure a fun and fair environment for all PB-Mobile Lite player.

Not just a game fighting cry.

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The game beta test can and still does change the gameplay in the final version. Your progress will be taken for future beta testing. Please, enjoy the game Pub Mobile Lite Official Facebook Group Discussion

What is new


Arcade mode: War

- Earn points and then kill the generated enemies. When the timer reaches the winning team with a score of 0, high.

Royal Pass

During the game earn points and rewards! Elite Royal has earned close to additional awards for faster buying and acquiring with UC.


- Added Halloween events.

New Crate

- Added PUBG crate. BP Pay to get a new look!


- Royal Season 1 10 to finish DEC 2018 Pass (UTC). Please be sure to collect their prizes soon! Season 2 will begin in 2018th on December 17th

- He was identified by total evaluation status.

Other improvements:

- Appropriation has been adopted by some organizations.

- Improve voice chat quality and save data usage.

- The main menu effect has been set.

- Adjusted list effects will have been made.

- Added dead crew to minimap.

- Flight routes have been optimized.

- Adjusted effect terrain.

V0.1.2.0 B9588

Good image quality, small installation

Fighters Function New Assist

New weapons, vehicles, buildings, and rewards

Get the King Bundle

1. New weapons: RPG-7

2. New vehicles: Buggy

3. New location: Target practice, police department, and valley

4. The classic model was built for 60 players

5. Has started a new ranking of the season

6. First Purchase Decor Tings and Firearms Discount Event

7. New characters Extra dress

8. Players can now redeem rare items in silver before converting them.

What says user about the PUBG Mobile Light Game  

User 1: Um showed me the only thing I want here ... If these blocks matter how can we make our credit card money on credit/debit card ?? BTW pubg as yet in royal war as graphic in gameplay. Because you got me a Battle Royal because of the bravery there, the best free fire or other graphics as well as storage for low-end devices. We appreciate your game.

User 2: I'm just two stars BKoZ developers just want more people to play this game. There is only one card, players grow every event no RP bore. There is pubg light, very good no costume, etc. My network connection is good, but often there is not thinking of opening. I server problem. Developers should also not think about the size that should be played for the longer exit to play.

User 3: I'd love to have you Tencent ... better than their official mobile phone ... and I do different things when I gave it to them, such as socks, belts, coats, shoes or something that is really a slot for clothing. Add PUBG because ... not like ROS ... and you do things like this PUBG run it ... not perfect, but the gameplay ... Government PUBG being the second add-ons and Pho because of many L. More LoL power to make tough decisions in the vehicle does not take the game ... I do exactly ... better than your mobile phone ... and still said more driving Please add a person ... Add a card leaving a smaller version and forget the shock card (name) Is.

How to Download / Install PUBG Mobile Lite Game

1) First you need to open your phone file manager and path, file manager/android/ data / and create a new folder and remove data com.tencent.iglite folder after folder name com.tencent.iglite

2) You remove the OBB information in the next PUBG Mobile Lite Apk com.tencent.iglite installed folder.

3) If you were installing your game, the game starts easy and enjoy. (Don't forget to turn on the Internet connection)