Bridge Constructor Mod Apk (v8.2) + Unlocked All Features + No Ads APK

Bridge Constructor Mod Apk (v8.2) + Unlocked All Features + No Ads 2022

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v8.2 アンドロイド用
12 24, 2019

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  • Unlocked All Features
  • No Ads

Hello! Bridge Constructor game player If you are looking for the latest Bridge Constructor apk mode (v7.2) + open + all functions, download, then congratulations, you come to the right page. On this page, we link to the drive Builder Click Offer can know Android game and version APK is downloaded, so you can easily download Bridge Constructor The MoD simulation game.

What Is the specialty of Bridge Constructor Mod

The manufacturer accesses objects through an example for each bridge, such as wood, metal, wire or concrete columns, but you need to keep the bridge fully funded. Make sure that the substances or instructions are very different from the treatment and each pool option lets you create by their own means. Imagine your imagination! Of course, you should have the opportunity to prevent a death You can get valuable advice!

Collecting bridges with a variety of materials, it was recorded with trucks and cars to evaluate and unlock the next item or even literally for the sake of the brain!

Accessible: Trains!

The bridge constructor reached back as the main bridge builder, setting himself up! Assess its constitution and construction of bridges over rivers, canals, and deep valleys. Concern shows a load of advance structure similarities or maybe a truck and car.

Gradient Mania: Available for purchase separately!

Imagine grottoes even the slopes Mania grottoes their bridges home from inside the island-building surrounding the new Tiltin Islands! Never-before-seen levels, 2 to 4 more than the charming old delays, am always along the streets. Even a real brain teaser box can be "insane degree" and say confident and unconventional options.

"Select Route" DLC and  "The Choonited Kingdom" is a fresh idea with a collection of 3 islands totaling 18 degrees. Huge bridges that can offer both brand new vehicles are a burden - but with a commuter train also said that freight train loads. No railings are expected to produce at the head of a row while creating sounds and an idyllic landscape.

Features of Bridge Constructor


Trucks, automobiles, and tankers, relatively in charge of many charges

• No ads

• In Skill Trains (Get In-App)

• See New: Clove Outflows and Mountains Trend!

• 2 to 4 "energizing" volume ink "especially attractive" nuts degree

• Assistance and style program Build value through free

• 4 Materials: Concrete columns and steel, wood, wires

• Local HD, pictures help shoot

• Load color-coded building material's indexes fell apart

• Brand new Tiltin Island

• Three Islands Open With 18 degrees.

• Forty spirit tickle structure volume

Tablet optimized:

Pen tablets support the Samsung section

Skills gradient in Mania (Get In-App)

• For Camatuga - The choice is inclined to build roads

• The GUI screen was larger with optimized finger controllers

• In addition to the "cave"

• 5 priorities: desert, city, valley mountains

• Pull trucks are old and exercise to build!

What the user says is bridge constructor mode apk

User 1: I think this game is very, very interesting, simulation. Opportunities seem necessary to me, to move the node (BC games missing field). I have two suggestions: pre-forms with "budget" "safe" "and" content-only "regrets" "possibilities under" possibilities ". My Samsung Galaxy T800 is On, the screen sensitivity makes it difficult to distinguish between "movement" "undo" and "to select new things.

User 2: are all very repetitive and easy to navigate. They are moved slightly to the same 3 or 4 levels with attachment points. All solid and cable levels can only be resolved, then you pay to get the sandbox, there are only a handful of levels to play. I opened it in less than 2 hours and there are only five bridges I tried with the first trucks. Not worth the money.

User 3: I absolutely love this game! It's very funny and pull out of the bridge, car construction and drive past the truck! I also like redness when it will bridge this weight more. But if you have to wait until December and April for the Christmas and Easter editions, I love playing and more!