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What clash history of clans mode apk v11.446.24

Clash of Clans freemium mobile video developed by strategy and Finnish game developer game Supercell. Games for October 7th, 2013 were found on Google Play for iOS Games 2013 and 2 August 2012 were found on Google Play.

The game is set in a fantasy-era continuous world where the player is head of the village. Make players from the clutches of the club work their own city with tools attacking other players through game tasks. The most important tool, gold, nectar and dark nectar. Players can join a group of groups, which are up to fifty people who can get together with the Wars clan, Dan and Soldiers.

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game in which players, communities, attack train soldiers and equipment build to create groups of other players. Game Four currencies or resources. Build Sleep and Illixir help and protect the player can be used to prevent other players from reloading attacks. The nectar and the dark nectar are also for training and for the use of soldiers and spells to update it. James Premium Currency. Three-star scale and 3-minute maximum evaluation attacks.

The game also includes an artificial single player, where the player attacks a number of strong goblin villages and earn gold and nectar. The game starts with two builders, but players can access to buy the James 5 builders.

Clans new conflicts

Upgrade to the new Hall 12 Town Hall!

Use of dark engine power for the most difficult to break through the defense

Your cult games work to create valuable magic items

COC game classic features

Invite you to join clan colleagues or start your own and your friends.

As a team against other players in the world in the fight against tribal warfare.

Protect your village with guns, bombs, traps, mortars and walls.

Fight the Goblin King in the campaign through the area.

Unique battle strategy with countless combinations of magic, soldiers and heroes!

Friendly challenges, sociable warfare and special events

Forms an army with several levels of upgrades.

Builder tours the base and discovers new buildings and characters in the mysterious world.

Therefore, it should be noted

Download Struggle and Play Families, but some game items can be purchased for free but also for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, disable purchases in your Device Settings app. But you must be 13 years of age to download game clauses under the terms of the game or our privacy policy.

What's New The updates are new

Last update of the year!

• New Soldiers Ice Golem! The cool guy slows down the enemy fortifications and they freeze solid when it is lost!

• New spell: Bat spell! Angry spectacular enemy fortress with a cloud of bats!

• New Siege Machine: Stone Slammer! A flying fortress or a large cliff of the sidelined enemy is clearly a way for your army!

• Many bug fixes, improvements and improved quality of life!

The Moon Festival is here!

• Assist a new Event Screen Charge!

** ** Vllk446k20

Extra Challenges Bring Awards!

A new game mode: challenges with incredible prizes • Season!

• Get a Gold Pass through the challenges of the season with a new exclusive Hero Skin Complete every month!

Update buildings, soldiers and less quickly and less than an upgrade for time and cost dramatic magic.

• That's not all! Imagine 30v30 combat leagues, balancing a ton of change, new troop levels and quality improvement in life!

*** *** Vllk65lkl0

Here's the Summer Update!

• Builder Hall 9 has come to receive lava launchers, pig gliders and extra builders!

Introducing a more competitive league legend!

• New practice mode capabilities, new home brush attack villages and more!

Do users tell about APK clash of clans modification

User 1: One of the best strategy games I've ever played, it's easy to play and always something fun. 1. You can use a number of advanced builder buildings that allow you to do the following: There are only two little tweaks you can add to the supercell. 2. Instead, you can attack a load of different targets, which are discovered by overcharge if you put the filter to hit the gold in the height trophy. But it's also a great game!

User 2: Love games and especially what you've done recently with the pricing system. My clan and I wanted