Prey Day Survival Mod Apk (v1.102) + Immortality/Freezing Bots + Data + No Ads APK

Prey Day Survival Mod Apk (v1.102) + Immortality/Freezing Bots + Data + No Ads 2021

63 MB
v1.102 アンドロイド用
8 01, 2020

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Immortality
  • Freezing Bots
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlock map and all construction projects
  • Characters 99
  • Continuous satiety
  • Zombies do not attack
  • No Ads

Hello Prey Day Survival game latest Prey Day Survival Mod apk (V1.102) + provides no players + data cool + then add an advertisement for Immortality / Android, congratulations you are looking for download on the right. At, we can know Android game and change version apk, so that easy target life protected Android action games, click day survival, download link hunting.

What’s the Specialty of Prey Day Survival Mod Apk Game

Repetition of tragedy in zombie story film Hollywood film and the walking world are dead and forthcoming. Z Publishing House European stories of love are found to help players with real road tragedy to cope with this theme. Hunting Day Back: "One day the tragedy, how can we" exist, you need to answer the question

Shooting games, strategy games, survival games, activities and discussions mix with other players, which requires every effort to make things happen. Go stay a zombie? When playing this game, should you choose?


In an epidemic of 2033, half of the earth's inhabitants died. A deadly plague virus was to spread. People take any medication for this disorder. Men and women are destroyed, but in fact, they do not end, but after all the zombies that are immortal, search for consumption and healthy expansion of the disease. Planets can lose confidence and chaos. Zombies are not ready to attack you by others. Now must figure out how to combine the coalition to fight the zombies and resistance forces. Remember, no patience, no one to tell!

Struggle for survival

If important issues like hunger and hunger are ruled out, you should keep water and food intake. If you want to find the water, food and other weight requirements, you have the city you want to live in. For some devices, in the game, you can create them for items or weapons for your trip. You can build foundations to protect yourself from hazards. Obviously! You cannot live in this life. Zombies participate in groups or forces to promote their opportunities.

They are big on buildings, cities, resorts, supermarkets, and on the streets, so it's not safe in areas where it's. And the more people you have to fight the zombies the more you can. It is possible to discuss and swap elements. But be careful. Not all participants have good intentions. Some players can shoot up the shelter.

Prey Day Survival The ability to learn to survive, has the potential to add extra personality. Find out how many weapons are needed, especially at the end of the world.

Discover new countries

Prey Day Survival open game in which you are free to go anywhere in the city. Find convenient stores and shopping, schools, hospitals. The game was in advance or destroyed after unsettled scenes and condemnation. However, its horror was reduced. You are observing corpses everywhere.

Supported to avoid taking perspective attacks. Noise is an important element. When the boys are startled.You're able to use the player to glance at the game that appeared out of the darkness, in the fields you need a motorcycle and car that you move on. But because the zombies are attracted by the sound, you should be careful. You will want to chase a hundred zombies. I swear!

Download time prey day survival

A fantastic man to experience new things, discover secrets and enjoy, so you can play live in the day of defense and hunting. The games you can download from the following link are available for Android.

Download Hunting Day Android Mode apk / native apk

You should know more about the secret, right, after a day of hunting: a typewriter can survive the place. Design audio is eyecatching. Typically, the combination of activity and noise is extraordinary that makes you a lot of personal sense. So exploring puzzles under fast language elimination is never done for anyone who has had the opportunity to taste.

So apart from killing selected war sites in the formula, you can beat the enemy at any time during the acquisition as research. Fight with you.

As in Earth Day: A Survival Game is very simple 2D feature images. Then the day the victim begins: In this environment, it is true that survival players will immediately sink deeper. Where lost people at all times; The point and the risk could not be kept. Generally, players can gain awareness of success

The barriers to the event are made to get rid of the military dead simple mind that was the quest for success. It really is the enemy, there is a chance, however, so it has to strike. You can definitely have this if the technology says you can make the most of the environment you live in. Families and colleagues strengthen the product and you will build your own performance. But also make sure the unit brings in addition to your security issues.

Pray Day Survival APK Unlimited Money

Exactly if you live where the amount of these souls lost, what to do with them? Is that horrible adventure worth it? This fantasy concept created the existence of: but in that case fans of this puzzle, later in life, so we join together on the daily hunt. So, as you know, from the following article.

In the Apocalyptic Universe Survival Hunting Day 2033, an unknown disorder that only human beings put in the epidemic in the world of trash. Hunting Day - the video game world of existence is the largest city on the world planet. The virus destroyed a large area of ​​humans. Herpes virus or modified effect.

Listen to the maze list of maze, disease and the emergence of face recognition. Family-related locals are pushing stunts and stepping on the sidewalk. You're the only one in this small country whose fate is put at these events. Launched Faced Desire and Desire, deck your country, building from your protection elements!".

The inquiry is fundamentally researched by the disease cultured. Research for weapons and armor management. Reaching car making. Input to get greedy for its prey in friction with various predators.

Great new Features of Prey Day Survival mod

Hunting in unified areas is easy for players who have to fight on the Internet to find hidden behind the zombies on the road and meet with different players. Your friends move to combine urban areas. Day hunting, cars just come from all over the world, in advance by the flood of funds of disease difficult, all over the world.

Players - live with it in the ground. You can join them in each participant and contact that they can choose their own victim or conflict. Combine the cult into a powerful clan to start using different player's clan pages where you'll see unusual things and new craft of shells.

Creatures, You can set up a bunker wash, a clan foundation, and clan activities on the streets. Plus Craft own tours produce the latest weapons and a variety of items. Knowledge Crafting makes its own personal mark and enables it to be protected! By doing the ultimate research or just exploring Harbor Town, you can go for a complete collection of direct experiences, travel the subway, immerse the hills and city of cross-border parks.

RPG and SURVIVALPrey Day is not easy to make a living - it is truly a dangerous player filled with a universe that can be brought to different places and to succeed. Away from Dialogue, Attachments, and Competitions - The Best Deal by RPG and MMOG Title!

This is important because you have to stay well detectors and really fight enemies, except in fresh areas of research. You can explore cities or hospitals, military foundations, supermarkets. You can use these activities to find the drive.

A virus goes through the field, one afternoon, to change the world. Wrap each-where witches, witches, and various opponents and they can beat you. They have a knife in their hand, and they are willing to push you to work shade. Now the war is even more difficult because it can be on one page to another and the army of rats is aggressively needed to fight together.

Your task is to fight it that you need to use a variety of skills to destroy. Use the power to set a friend, if you are an incompetent and courageous man, have any opponent.

Prey Day Survival Free Download APK

Apocalyptic universe in 2033 is a disease of the planet-hunting day is a disease epidemic people. Destroy a very large portion of the virus population you have.

The majority of people are under the influence of mutable zombies or viruses. Explore the Relatives as the streets, disease and deck zombie hordes simply maze one and find a strong mother's face. If you whose future is directly linked to the balance possibilities. Create your shelter material, starting looking for warehouse leftover Desire and fighting. The major disease of the research is by the Look of the World.

Image research weapon and armor. Make the vehicles reachable. The gateway to conflict with other predators, eager for their prey. Looking for an easy stay together with other players in the field of fighting Internet games in the field of victim fighting off the hidden paths. Collect fields around the city for your friends.

What's new in the latest version

  • Survivalist Notebook: Complete tasks, notebook platform, and advance through a reward!
  • In different chests, you will also find vouchers. At the end of the season, it is a swap of assets.
  • Acid monsters had been added to the hunting district were no longer hunted.
  • Skills affect the acid ghosts that offer a bonus against mutants.
  • Better ammunition if you "have all the features".
  • A number of bugs and bugs were fixed.


  • Missing fixed home location button.
  • Information bunker lock to resume solid communities to start solid communities.
  • Wrong answer zombies crossbow fixed hit.
  • Fixed is synchronization between single-player devices.
  • It was a bug together with corpse or container articles.

What tell users about Prey Day Survival Mod Apk

User 1: big game. You have to play without energy that we wait, and we can just visit the instead hour, which makes the game easier for a few minutes. Started, when the screen game, where it said "no internet connection and even more I wouldn't in attempts to load." Eventually, the game built up again, and I was able to play while stressed and easy. It was agn.

User 2: One of the best survival game, if not the best I've ever played. Search is a really nice addition. The only thing is to control the game a little because it annoys your character so fast that it gives you the feeling that the game runs on because a little difficult to move. I really believe that if we want you to be able to communicate with other people in the language instead of writing through this area. Overall, this game is just a little improvement, and it will be a great game.thanks.

User 3: I like the game. Very addictive. And thus, sir, you mapped the parts of the jungle, the mountain of accessible fossils, etc. and the entire building, the 2nd floor (shopping centers and homes), also a very good player to check the online web game "Dead Frontier" "players make 2 floors. Can bet. When these things happen, then they will not be the best. Please make it possible. Thanks!