Battlelands Royale Mod Apk (v2.3.2) + Infinite Equipment + No Ads APK

Battlelands Royale Mod Apk (v2.3.2) + Infinite Equipment + No Ads 2021

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v2.3.2 voor Android
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jun 29, 2020

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • High Damage
  • Medicine Full of Blood
  • No Ads

Hello! Download Battlelands Royale game lovers, then no ads if you are looking for the latest Battle Royal mod apk Lands (v2.0.0) and unlimited device + Android, you have come to the right. On this page we have Battlelands Royale  Click on the Android game and Google Drive to download the latest version apk offer download link, so you can easily download Battlelands Royale  Android action game.

Battlelands Royale Mod Apk Specialty And Features

Designed for mobile, Battle Royal Lands is a casual battle royal for all. With 32 players and 3-5 minutes, it's fun for all! No waiting for laboratories; To navigate complex menus. Just parachute, smash, play and live!

One match or duo forces other players to join. Choose a landing site in the fall, and win! Play on a big map with great places like hiding, ship maze, and tranny yard. Or maybe you hide paradise for tourists? Whatever your strategy, this can't be beaten by the storm!

As you play, you will customize customized content such as skies, emoticons, and special characters and because of XP. And go for the fighting prices, and play with the rare and legendary characters!

Super easy to use, a fun and quirky art style and the like-and-end gameplay is a Royal Lands game that you don't want to layout.

Summary about the Battle Royal mod apk Lands

In contrast, PUBG allows exactly control where instead of choosing a parachute you will be required. Then come to the position of the weapon that must endure the fight for so long and move on with the other victims and at unique places on the map, you can do it.

It is interesting to approve this game that the cards are covered by you, though. If you are looking for a position with enemies, products anywhere enemies. Obviously, you have to find places where you can hide from enemies like grass, under the trees ... The game is a small card that you see in around motion because they do not need to. It runs an arrow because of earlier blood pressure when you are on and also.

Battle Royal Lands Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Smash This game is different. They sharpen the mark and bear to choose product items. Return "blood. When you need a gun to rob, they just turn into a booty gun, a gun. There are many weapons and items such as bazookas, guns, war and medkits.


Maneuver key, key. In this game after the command is difficult to play only Royal Country combat. But through many battles, you're used to it.

Hello, Power fits the PUBG and Fortnite template. If we are one of the many ways in which the class is a man, and we are the beneficiaries. Game performances or content forms are special.

It is an extraordinary accidental shooting game that can really be a Royal landing of war for many ages. The game is designed in a 3 to 5 minutes game with 32 players. It is acceptable for people who do not have time. You don't need much time with 100 players to spend matches. Rob lives and fights in the game.

Battlelands Royale  Edition APK Unlimited Money Lands latest version

The game offers a new design with an air approach with cube mixing. Direct sound, thinner and more vivid colors. Now the vast majority of phone results work slightly. This step is appreciated by me and the easy way to enjoy the thrill of the Royal style of war.

The Royal Country of War can be considered as a mini-RPG. Encouraged and visual appeal and a look at the situation, to unlock new characters.

You may be looking for a kind of conflict with the Royal Royal War. Are you ready? See you later

Battlelands Royale apk Some cool features

Players Mission

If part of the game comes players watching everywhere and trying to fight your enemies. The first step you need to take a player before they get based on the requirements of the tickets available. If the enemy is solitary, the war against the enemy will be fierce. Yes, the safe area on the card is rejected, you should not die of toxic air, so you immediately safe area. Be careful, because you are waiting to see him throw many opponents.

View from top to bottom

Battle Royale has amazing features compared to other traditional games. The pre-game game version is only allowed to play in the first or third order, it can cause game dizziness and fatigue. Will experience a unique and new drama with Battle Royale. One can see that there are a lot of benefits to a changing player. Enter to control the game and the best attack strategy. This not only enjoys the game, but it also eliminates time games. 

A brief victory for the Arena

Your battlefield is always changing, and how it will stop, giving you lots of challenges you need to face, so use any effective way to win to fight the remaining enemies. Each game lasts 3-5 minutes and has some pressure on the rest, so even though it's time to fight with 23 enemies, players can still play with a happy and healthy-looking mind. Search for rare weapons. Follow the map and begin to find the rare weapons available at the outpost to strengthen its strength; Many mysterious weapons await you to meet them.

The volume of game weapons is varied; You can find yourself a rifle or pistol everywhere. But do not forget the tools you need weapons, grenades, helmets .... game will be there per barrel of gasoline, and they explode, while there focus on fire and some weak shields are easily destroyed. Some pills. The top is a useful strategy for you.

Play with your friends

Like most games, playing the game is fun with friends. Not only to play with friends but to get new friends from all over the world. 3D graphics, sound, live pictures and unique gameplay, unique battle mode Country King always brings a lot of interesting experiences to the players. In particular, any war comic character can be stressful and players can play with ease and simplicity. Enter your friends to play, click on the link below and enjoy the fun funny moments of this unique game, and remember you offline.

Battlelands Royale apk great new features

- 32-person fast speed in real-time against players around the world!

- Working group! Play together if the fight is jointly and individually linked to Buddy.

- Mega-Price! As new characters, emotes and you collect parachute aircraft.

- Promotions are content! Unlock rewards and show off upcoming war.

- Big game playing cards to explore. Parachute into their area of ​​choice and control your landing.

- Lots of luggage and rob!

- All important edges that fit deliver the race that lies!

- Decreasing the field. Stay out of the storm!

Are you ready? See Battlelands Royale .

Don't miss the opportunity to join the fights and battle Community Lands on Facebook.


Battle Lands Official Player Group:

Battle Lands Facebook Page:

Thanks for telling you and every comment on the board and really giving you time to experience the game!

What is a recent software update

Season 4 is gone!

- Season 4 again makes war 4 history closer. As you play the characters who take the opportunity to create a new future with defined generations!

- Weather Events! Complete challenges and fresh awards with list level!

- New! Lose yourself in the desert! Keep your eyes open for generations to last ...

It all started bug fixing, and has a lot of customization, and polish. They are ready.


Season 5 is here, and it's huge!

- Troops! Oh. My. Squad.

- New characters! Including other new content ...

- Upgrade Characters! Plane and collect cards to move new customization as a melee weapon!

- Update Show was done! Check them off. It's epic.

- Melee weapon! If there is a toilet jumper why fight fists!

- New user interface. And that's nice.

- bad boy bundle. Meet Oscar Weimar - the most dangerous hot dog ever.



Someone called Season 7? Oh. My. Word! Here's your way:

- Brand new card! Bigger, better and more fun. You have to believe it to get it to see it.

- Smooth and reliable gameplay! The new backend enables your favorite game to run smoothly.

- Brand new content! Meet your new cast of season 7 characters emotes and more!

Oh - and there's something big coming up very soon. Look. This. Space.


What Saying User’s About Battlelands Royale Mod Apk

User 1: Definitely difficult, but surprisingly still fun. But there are some things that completely suck the game and I hope that the developers and some adjustments are read in mind. 1. Make the game hard enough armor to find just the filling armor bar than ever before. 2. Therese is only one card and it is very small or boring fast 3. And when you finally really got someone else somehow .. and manage hard ... to claim earned victory, you have really rewarded nothing.

User 2: This game is more than good, but I could do better. My suggestion is A chat and if we can talk to your friends (if we can talk during this game would be better) lobby. I also like my friend stats ... and see if skins are possible. Another thing I really don't like is their skin. You as a samurai or human need to pair with blue helmets. I've asked a lot of people, and they look just like me. Another wise great game.

User 3: I'm a star 4 because there have been so many mistakes, sometimes I think, shot the walls, and I do not recognize where you should add the Nametag which team game, well-chosen Punktlandung color. While we can find the card battles on the cards and confuse the game, it can add to keep it simple and interesting. More modes and maps must. Edit: I just played and no one who glitched and came back to life. He was killed.

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