BlackPlayer EX Music Player Pro Mod Apk (v20.60) + Patched + No Ads APK

BlackPlayer EX Music Player Pro Mod Apk (v20.60) + Patched + No Ads 2021

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v20.60 voor Android
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dec 31, 2020

Hello! If you would like to download the latest patch for BlackPlayer EX Music Player Pro Mod APK (V20.53) + and an advertisement for Android, you have reached the appropriate page to greet BlackPlayer EX Music Player Lavier. This page will tell you what features BlackPlayer EX Music Player features for Android. With this Apk in the mod version, you can download the Google Drive link with one click and easily download the BlackPlayer EX Music Player for Android.

BlackPlayer EX Music Player Pro Mod APK Features and Features

BlackPlayer EX eliminates advertising to focus on music as the most important thing. It includes a ton of premium features. Of course, this music player includes all the great features of Black Player Free. Create your own user interface with customization in the settings menu.

  • Try the free version before you buy it.
  • This is a separate application. The library, playlists, and favorite tracks are divided between the free version and the EX version.
  • After installing the EX version, you can uninstall the free version.

If you need help, please read the FAQ:

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Black player Premium 20.53 Makes Beta Apk Before 364

BlackPlayer EX Premium V20.53 has built 364 Beta APKs in AndroidPark.nfo, and BlackPlayer EX is focused on advertising at the end. Fuller's good features. Obviously, the functions of each Black player Free are integrated into this audio Dio player. Build your user interface with all the customization.

Black Player Standard Features:

  • By default, play locally stored music files like MP3, Flex, and Wave.
  • Built-in equalizer, bass boost, virtualizer, left / right tone balance.
  • Full playback
  • Tag editor
  • 3D transition effect
  • 3 widgets
  • View and edit songs.
  • Screen support
  • Sleep timer
  • Interchangeable fonts and themes.
  • Most played titles weekly

Some Cool Features of BlackPlayer EX Music Player Pro Mod APK

  • Light theme!
  • 6 additional fonts, including the option to use system extras.
  • 11 color accents.
  • 8 additional current topics
  • White Widget Theme.
  • Chromecast support (enable in audio settings)
  • Group music by year and composer
  • Custom transportation
  • Fully adjust library pages. Add, remove, and sort.
  • Always-on screen.
  • Screen turnstile.
  • Change the start page of the library.
  • Custom raster sizes for artists and albums.
  • Custom colors! Action bar, main and popup windows.
  • Find and set artist drawings manually.
  • Blacklist Folders and Tracks
  • Zap, find your music faster with this smart feature. Automatically play random music every 5 seconds.
  • Floating window control widget
  • Visualizer, Customize (Beta)
  • Customization of widgets and notifications.
  • Change the color and background of the notification text.
  • Think artists big grid.
  • Show style as a list and a large list.
  • Custom 4 × 1 widget transparency and other widget settings.
  • The playing title can be tracked monthly instead of weekly.
  • Blurred effect on-screen or widget.
  • 2 additional text animations
  • 1 additional infection effect
  • Displays the position of the queue in the widget.
  • Add a "playlists" page to the library.
  • Hide one of the sliding sides to the left.
  • Developer and Support!
  • Extensive tasks! The EX version always gets new features!

What's new in the last update

  • 20.48 - 27. March
  • Update design for the " Run now "page.
  • Better tracking of most played titles
  • Show overflow' now activates the default default setting. If you don't like it, tap the upper heading 'TRACKS' to disable them.
  • Improve contact with the new setting "Swipe left and right now."
  • I tried to improve memory management.
  • Updates for custom screen screens.

* Read all changes to changelog *

*** V20.50B345 ***

  • New 2 × 2 minimum widget! Resizeable!
  • 5-star rating system added! Activate it now in-game settings.
  • Added styles as a navigation bar
  • Added auto repair album cover to protect against cleaning apps.
  • Update to about page
  • Show overflow 'setting added to interface settings.
  • Crash updates and translation updates.
  • Read all the changes in the changelog

*** V20.53 ***

  • New to the oldest sorting for titles.
  • New font "Quicksand".
  • New Play Now button type, stereo.
  • Short graphical refresh for additional actions that appear when tapping album art on the playing page.
  • Fixed scrolling in navigation headers to avoid confusion.
  • Added 'Album Artist' on lower navigation.
  • Now some pictures of the artist are reappearing.
  • Read all the changes in the changelog!

What users are saying about BlackPlayer EX Music Player Pro Mod APK

First user: Updates so far have been great, but I still have some issues with percentage service. When I return to the app, my playlist will disappear shortly. I usually open and close the app several times and it restores my current playlist. In addition, the instruction expires after about 15 minutes. Standby. Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, version 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

Another user: Black Player was the best music player I used. Other reviews revealed several problems. Playlists and such. I followed other media players back and forth. Now the app crashes several times a day. I will not use the black player until another update is released. And even then we meet with the reservations. He was a great music player. It was ...

Third User: Last Black Friday, when this app was for sale. I've dropped it at $ 1.49 and have upgraded it to a previous free version of the black player I used. This app remains my favorite music player app on Android. I recommend this app to any other music player on the Android platform, as this app provides everything the user needs. The fifth source did a great job. I've never had a problem with this app and it had everything I needed in the Music Player app.

Download and install BlackPlayer EX Music Player

Mod Apk

1) Download the latest BlackPlayer EX Music Player Pro Mod-APK from the first-mentioned download link.

2) Once your APK is downloaded, just install your music player and enjoy it.

3) If the BlackPlayer EX Music Player APK is already installed on your phone, uninstall and install the specified Mod APK.

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