Boxing Star Mod Apk (v1.8.2) + Massive Attack + High Defeat + Anti-Cheat Detection APK

Boxing Star Mod Apk (v1.8.2) + Massive Attack + High Defeat + Anti-Cheat Detection 2021

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v1.8.2 voor Android
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jul 03, 2020

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Massive Attack by 1000x
  • Mod Defeat by 1000x
  • Anti-Cheat Detection
  • No Ads

Hello! If you want to download the latest boxing star Mod Apk (v1.8.0) + Mass Attack + High Defeat + Anti Cheat Detection, you are on the right page. On this page, we will learn what's special about the Boxing Star Android game, and this mod version Apk gives you a one-click link to a quick CDN drive so you can enjoy the Boxing Star Android Apk. game can easily be downloaded.

What is the Feature of the Boxing Star Sports Android Game

While the WWE meme was better received, several different conversations highlighted the possibility of each attack/guard phase. I can tell my favorite entertainers are Shadow Fight, Puzzle Fighter, and the latest Boxing Star. In my opinion, the Boxing Star is very complex, so I want to introduce you to this game.

Bin Qing Star (MOD ATK / DEF x1000) is a game developed by Creative Lab (: 33: and: 33) and has been released for the current month on both Android and iOS platforms. I love this game because of the constant interaction and delightful 3D images. In addition, I will provide you with an interesting number about this game.

A Boxing Star can be considered as a fun game. Your job is to fight the stars and become a master. If you start with weak competitors, you will fight to win more stable and competitive competitors. You start the game by choosing one of the three body types for your character and entering a nickname. Usually, I choose the smallest character.

Hey kids, do you think you have to reach the top and become the next incredible boxing star? Immerse yourself in the world of boxing and catch everything! Leave the side street and fight for the right to transform yourself into the best of the world! Sell ​​yourself with a bespoke glove, improve your skills and throw them all at once! Winners are in the ring!

The Boxing Star Mod Apk requires fast movement

First of all, you will be guided through these sports activities, which is a boxing match between King and The Grave. This game shows you the best way to jab, hook, uppercut, hold, dodge ... and create any combination you can. These activities are not annoying, just stay in touch, swipe left or ideally up or down. Not difficult, but essentially you should remember that.

In story mode, you complete the mission and create your character with the most original dimension. Each fight is an exam you have to lose for the following exams. The assignment list you should display is not on the edge of the screen. Try to break the four incredible organizations in the story and reach the most surprising position.

In a competitive situation, you will be constantly playing against different players to win titles and other exciting prizes. Their method of contradiction is chosen arbitrarily from afar. If you can't win, you'll find things that add to your character's detail and intensity.

Amazing features of the Boxing Star Modified Apk

Dive in to dodge your opponent's attacks, dodge, dodge, and weave and strike back with complete retaliation!

His story is as tight as the paths to the World Cup!

Meet friends and get to know all the crazy and wild characters in the boxing world!

Combine your gear with powerful custom gloves and powerful skills and equipment to determine your own fighting style!

Fight with other players in league mode to prove you are the best.

Play your victory on your cradle, drive your cunning whip and collect waste that puts your friends in danger and give you a sweet bonus!

Over, it's still a well-known genre of 3D activity. There is nothing better than being involved in a solid formation.

More or less, Boxing Star is a game in which you should get a splash of variety. Magnificent pictures, nice moving conversation, and faces in the opposite direction. I hope you appreciate the Boxing Star APK and work to attack the top and protect your interests in this game.

What's New In The Recently Updated Version

  • Gym (character development material)
  • Mega punch added fast forward
  • Repeat revision report added
  • Cla clan added awards and event costumes
  • Additional animations for the Fer Inferno Megapunch
  • Fixed various bugs
  • 6/5 minor fixes: Problems with the gym have been fixed

*** v1.7.0 ***

  • New knockout mode added
  • 10 10 10 added
  • God New Hand God F God God Omega Fusion Glove
  • Change the repair option
  • List of catalog tools added to the selection
  • Training at the highest level
  • Leader leaderboard player achievement story added
  • Added profile icon and selection options
  • New Year Anniversary App Icon
  • Wear New Year's socks
  • 1- year anniversary events
  • Arabian couple births

What is the user response to the Boxing Star Mod Apk?

First user: Thanks for responding and updating the game. I thought it was great, but I was a little crazy because I had to fight hard opponents with 10,000 life issues and was difficult and fast. Although I defeated them, it was 5K to 6K, but I improved my health, safety, and equipment. I also love that you connect Jim. Thank you, forty-three INC. Keep up the good work and I hope you add more things or meaning to the game. I really enjoyed the gameplay and the graphics. Thanks again !!!

Another user: I really enjoy playing in my bedroom or rate it something else. 5 stars by me, but if someone wants to give you 5 stars, you can fight like this. They teach you how to fight in the beginning, so you really get the game. I'm just a born boxer in this game because I really am. In a common fever, because I said it's a game and I think nobody can survive without it, you can play for an hour. Two or more, it's really enjoyable and I enjoy playing it.

Third User: Thanks for the answer! This means that the developer's problems are related to the players' problems. So I'll change my rating. However, please make some important updates regarding these issues. Skill points take a long time and upgrading to get only 3 points is really difficult. The package takes a long time and you can only open two packages at a time. We can only open two packages at a time. And we can order 2 at a time. Improving league mode is very difficult. Please make some important updates. Equipment R is really tough, which means good equipment.

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