Free Fire Hack Version (v1.41.0) + Auto Aim + High Damage + Obb Data APK

Free Fire Hack Version (v1.41.0) + Auto Aim + High Damage + Obb Data 2022 Apk

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v1.41.0 voor Android
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jul 31, 2020

Provided Free Fire Hack App Features

  • Auto Aim
  • Aim-Bot (SMG)
  • Aim-Bot (Pistols)
  • Night Mod
  • Fixed Rank
  • White Houses
  • HD Graphics Enable
  • Lag Issue Fixed
  • No Recoil
  • Damage 40%+
  • No Grass
  • Anti-Ban
  • Shoot Indicator (Hide Enemy can’t see you on mini-map when you firing)
  • Facebook Login (Uninstall Facebook app before login)
  • Force Close Bypass for script Users
Hello Garena Free Fire Lovers If you are looking for Garena Free Fire Mode apk (v1.39.0) + car + assault rifle with Google Drive link + apk + obb modification menu aiming to download data welcome you come to the correct page. , We will find out what Garena Free Fire, Android game and version apk click on the link on Google Drive, so you can easily download and download Garena Free Fire MOD existence. Can download games for ria.

Garena has a free history of free fire modification apk

Garena Free Fire is a Royal style electronic action-adventure game in which the third-person perspective. To start the game, it is important to create a personal account in the game, where you have to decide for example, whether the game is worth creating your account or connect to Facebook, social network account. After successful registration, players gain knowledge of your profile and the game and how it is played, to win the game. Once this is complete, the player can start a game that can play in Bermuda (Battlefield) position play by clicking the "" button on classic mode "" and then waiting for the flying plane.

If you want to play a game genre PUBG APK on your phone, Garena Free Fire Boosting (MOD shooting range, should be supported, do not hesitate) is a game that you do not want to miss. Communities around the world gamer, decided to make it a "tough fight" "battlefield player, even though it may not be comparable to the life of a fire player Battle Garena Defense (111 WattsAp Studios) of course is free and can. Unexpected players. Experience.

When flying on the island of the plane, players can jump to the strategic position enemies can pick up wherever he wants. After landing, the player must go in search of weapons and utensils. The game provides various other items, medical equipment, medium and large weapons, grenades, bullet-proof vest, helmet, backpack, machetes, can be found on the island. The player's ultimate goal is to hit an island with the maximum and aim at all 50 members. Place all opponents, players in the player and make sure that it will only survive the end.

Garena Free Fire is a great game.
Free Fire Ultimate Survival Shooter Game is available on mobile. Every 10 minutes, where you put on a desert island, you ask 49 other players in the pit to survive all one game. Players are free to choose your starting point with a parachute, and you remain in a safe area possible. Find huge maps, hide vehicles, ditch, or travel down the grass or disappear. In order to survive: to stay ambash, snipe live, there is only one goal.

Garena Free Fire Survival Shooter in its original form
Find Weapons Your enemies and the last person standing in the play area are robbed. Airstrikes as well to avoid getting a little edge bombing against other players.

For 10 minutes, 50 players wait for survival epic improvement
Within 10 minutes, a new survivor is born. Are you

In-Game Voice Chat A four-member team
Build communication with the first four-player teams and their teams. Order your friends and the last team to win.

You can play realistic and simple graphics
Access control and simple graphics are very simple, you will get the best promise survival experience on mobile.

"Ball or shot, be killed or killed. "" Always give the game as an open fire, in memory of this pointless law. How Battlefield Player Unknown, you will match up to 29 other sports games system with any players. Immediately afterward all the players go to an island where it is a helicopter on the battlefield. You are free to choose their own landing. 40 seconds, after regular ships, each game will be open fire 12 for 15 minutes.

Garena Free Fire Mode apk on user feedback

User 1: It is very good, and I think the graphics are very good, but I just say time, I think there are always clothes to be found in boy clothes when I am a girl. Hope you have a chance. Chat Lounge Also, can you be a way to get it without paying for diamonds? I know it's very likely that people want to. There's also a bit of a mess when it comes back, but it's just annoying to play. Include them. I love good, and વ્ય addictive rating from myself.

Users2: Hey! Chat Lounge Just do not blame Garena for some problems or technical errors. The problem may be at home. I play Garena free fire for more than three years. Then I love the game and I can play it for about 1 hour to 1 day. Want to chat with me my ID name Darkrai Ishu, this game is great. U can tell you by coming to my party, or just like the chat. I know the payment and the problem is the purchase price. #GARENAFREEFIRE is great !!!!

User 3: This is my second review of the game. You have greatly increased this game in the past. Now the problem is I just had to drive the car there as I was playing "" showdown "" as some players and it was very difficult to protect the car itself. Please my humble request to the developers to remove the car from this condition, it will help a lot of players. thank you.
What's New in the Last Update
*** *** Vlk38k0
1. Added v1.38.0new "" Cemetery in Bermuda "" Area-!
2. New character Moco
3. The train is back to Egg Island!
4. New AR - AN94
5. New Secondary Weapon - Treatment Gun
6. The pet system is live!
7. Dissociation improvements- Players are now reunited, so they can leave the island of Eggs.
8. Enjoy Limited Memory - Free Fire Store Limited Time Discount!
9. Fixed some bugs
*** *** Vlk38k0

New features

1. New Area in Bermuda - Target
There was an area that provides a high level - 2. Heated zone added
3 New Weapons: CG15 - A Weapon That Can Be Damaged More
4. New Product Information Box - Devices that airdrops the play area and present the game currently
5. Team Skydiving players can now select parachutes together!
6. New Characters - Laura
7. System upgrade guild
8. Arabic language options added
*** *** Vlk39k0
Inches 2. 3. A dance floor with an additional DJ booth. 4. The repair package currently reaches the fashion.5 status. The sexy zone has become an accessible mode of fashion.6. Graphics Optimization Bermuda.7. Zone production loss decreased.8. Keep an eye on the new load, with log in reception. Car pick-up optimization. There are 10 rooms in which the new configuration custom.1-1. Bermuda.1 is a second insect infestation that sets the Crouch's headshot - mysteriously divided into traditional.
If you already have the Google Garena Free Fire Mod APK installed in the Play Store, you need to download the mod apk of the Garena Free Fire Mod Apk to install the OBB file.

Please make sure your data and OBB APKs work the same version of their games otherwise.

This step is if you like the game data files and not the modern apk
1) If the game can be installed on your phone, the data file and Garena is not a free fire modification apk mod apk download button must be downloaded below.

2) According to the data file and mod apk download, you can remove the data zip file in the internal memory / Android / obb / phone folder.

3) After you install Modification Garena Free Fire Mod Apk APK. Just launch and enjoy the game after the installation.

Follow this step: you play obb data and apk
Search File Manager / Android / Data / and rename com.dts.freefireth folder and folder com.dts.freefireth-rename: 1) First, you open the file manager on your phone and go your way. (If you do not, then delete your game data)

2) If you have to rename the folder, install Garena Free Fire Mod APK APK and download and install the Garena Free Fire Mode apk (hack) apk from

3) If you have your game installed, you may be on the path to File Manager / Android / OBB / and the change folder from "com.dts.freefireth" "to" com.dts.freefireth-change "".

4) Then open up our game and enjoy it.

Required Suggestions-:

Please make sure your data and OBB APKs work the same version of their games otherwise.

Download Garena Free Fire Modification APK + OBB Data + Revision Menu Rev

Pro Tips: -

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