Honkai Impact 3 Mod Apk (v3.5.0) + Dump Enemy + No SP Cost + OBB Data 2021

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v3.5.0 voor Android
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jun 26, 2020

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • No CD
  • No SP Cost
  • Dump Enemy
  • No Ads

Hello! Honkai Impact 3 the latest Honkai Effect 3 mod apk (V3.5.0) + Dump + Enemy No SP value + removal ads you are looking for + OBB info, Impact 3 game player you came to the right page. We provide Honkai Impact 3 Android game with one version of its modification APK to download the fastest click on the CDN drive link so that you can easily download Honkai Impact 3 The MOD action game. Yes.

What’s the Specialty of Honkai Impact 3 Mod Apk

Identified, though Hyperion Captain move girls around the world. Girl character, went through the war and lost the level and rich taste of the story of Roda and Honkai felt verse! Valkyries and struggles combine!

"Honkai attacked a mysterious human civilization destroyed in many cases coming out of these peaceful world countries ..."

Group of girls filled the world Honkai animals and served in full of accurate zombies to anticipate the needs of the people.

Now the player will soon be bold to get a face full Honkai universe, which is bright and brilliant, using characters Valkyrie warrior Divine fighting, use strategy adventure. Kiana is a symbol of faith and earth fire and here the falls and shakes splendor. Abstract on earth without great things. Immediately after the launch of a beautiful career Kiana door is now open in Honkai around the world.

As a Honkai icon of a 3D action video game celebrity 3 (Houkai thirds people) players can clearly monitor the dominance of the smart device's digital key so that quite a few services and similar products, then this way controllers are not unique to a certain extent save the basic mechanism.

Attacks were generally designed to suppress only one combo mode, using a version that is considered player movement. If done correctly, the end result is undoubtedly probably more so as soon as the bailout slows, always repeating.

Honkai Impressions 3 miHoYo was created by the combination of iPocket, sign-up options released for its Asian Caribbean version hosts. Honkai lost Impression 3, OK, so the legend associated with the guns girl manga story with only one title, Narrative Experience travels Kiana, Raiden Mei informs and regulates Bronya's struggle to control the office Rand "Honkai" regulates the maintenance of the world.

Hail & Queen

In comparison, the first film launches with a wider world that believes the precursors of events that go wrong with an engine step, and even the personality system can step in or brand it. Moving the user interface is exciting to think of characters on a monitor that can't be used for spacious mode person interaction, it's for me.

Data can be turned straight and left and in turn, digital cameras have some nice time switch environments. At the same time ordered to talk about why the personality in the story game dialogue after careful investment even if it is a 3D show on the manufacturer. Combining Valkyries fighting earth and everything is wonderful!

Great new features of Honkai Impact 3 mod apk

The properties of the suffering and the shock and plunge submerged model. The brave will tolerate zero.

  • Drop the jewel into the sea of ​​acquiring your fact-specific Bronya Quanta.
  • He honed that death light moonlight one. He brought your enemies to eternal zeal ...

Q singular

  • Wait for this strange measurement of unusual experiences ...
  • The courage to wait and explore the mysterious dimension of the people vacuum of money.
  • I am, it muttered because it recognized all the Phantasos scissors. "We will fight"
  • After losing Dr. Einstein can attack with a mysterious man. An attractive Honkai attack moved deep into the messy battlefield ...
  • Historic monuments woke up dark dormant.

Gear upgrades

Sea and Deep

Ahhh, a million Ravenwing storms are still here. Stop night creatures relax in the areas.

When the floods open. The lethally active Undine tail pods the tune limiting the tone all the soul wants.

Even the rapping sal dimensions are completely to get the Maya battlesuit ready to fight soul gluttony.

  • It's time to attack your Evasion, and singularly hit the middle of the deep!
  • Quantum Tanzwalzer with all [Dirac] style collections. Honkai to understand the particle vibration.
  • Mourning Fresh ELF's Selune United Struggle!

Latest Updates New

What is new

  • New character soul gluttony: a completely new dimension to Valkyrie.
  • Deep End of the Ocean: A Story from Income Chapter XI.
  • Legendary Sense [Undine story] Swing and complete [Dirac] chalk set New equipment told.
  • New Challenge Q Singular: Quantum was a huge sucking vacuum.
  • lamented new ELF Selune: a beautiful winter Elementalist Angel.


  • [Battlesuit] Improved battlesuit - Twilight Paladin enabled
  • [Story] History Chapter XII: Plain Vigrid Published
  • [EVENT] Get ready for the Santa Feya festival
  • [System] All new PRI hands and sweet bonuses
  • [Tools] Weapon Hecate frustration available in ARC serratus and chalk set Kafka

What Saying User’s About Honkai Impact 3 Mod Apk

User 1: Wall LOL is right for a joke (it's really a huge paywall of characters and things that you want, but if you don't have the time to think it farm as F2P it doesn't matter this game, it's a long way, a long time. Whether or not to find, depending on the events, it is a sign of Gacha is really attractive for 1 to 2 months or more) but at the same time, there are tons of value of environment games, funny jokes and feel-good dialogue, Arta, great graphics, better 5.5

User 2: For me, this game just does not want to make this game higher, because the developers of this game are really, history, video, animation, content, sound, own that it is not like other games, songs and manga tournaments just game Is. Well, I have really high hopes for future development. And besides, I really can't wait for Genshin's effect, just won the game aha, not release the fees paid for the win.

User 3: Graphics, Character Models and Other Offers Enlarge This game does not affect the gameplay, but an understanding because of the way (but not the actual story mission, but the occasion history) which indicates that my problem is confusing to understand the history, too. Even better to read through the interaction with, to understand more history what it is that straightforward way it is also a big game that your fool Can't wait to come to Genshin than can be!