Injustice Gods Among Us Mod Apk (v2021.4.2) + Infinite Coins + Credit + Obb Data APK

Injustice Gods Among Us Mod Apk (v2021.4.2) + Infinite Coins + Credit + Obb Data 2021

v2021.4.2 voor Android
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apr 08, 2021
Hello! Injustice Gods Among Us Between Our Games If you want to download the latest  Injustice Gods Among Us from our mod APK (v2021.4.2) + Infinite Coins + Infinite Credits + Ob Data, you've come to the right page. On this page, we will learn what is special about the who do  Injustice Gods Among Us our Android games. With this app in the mod version, you'll find a link to download from Google Drive, which will allow you to easily download the  Injustice Gods Among Us our Android games. you can.

Injustice Gods Among Us Mod Apk specialty And Features

Get ready and fight against an epic list of DC superheroes and bad guys! Remedy: American Goes is a free collectible card game where you can list characters, movement, powers, and devices and enter the arena in a 3-on-3 action battle.


Use your mobile device's touchscreen mechanics to defeat your enemies with 3-on-3 actions. Swipe and tap to combine and power to perform special attacks and super moves taken directly from the console version of the game.

Level up

Build your own sets, upgrade your powers, upgrade your characters and equipment, and defeat your competition. To continually evolve your card collection, customize your style of play and show your best team how to compete with a series of DC superheroes and villains.

Online multiplayer

Confront real opponents in nonlinear multiplayer combat. Compete with players from around the world on the leaderboards and in tournaments with great prizes. Watch a replay of your past offensive and defensive fights to improve your skills and team layout. Lead your team to victory!

Musical roster

Take and play as your favorite DC Com Mix icons: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Joker, Green Arrow, Lightning, Ben, Green Lantern, End of the World, and many more. With each alternate version of these legendary characters, you'll get a whole new set of powers and tricks and a whole new fight!

Amazing graphics

Distribute world-class graphics to each superhero and villain with custom animations on their phone or tablet. From 3D Com Mix to Arkham Ascension, The Batcave, and Watch Watchtower to other legendary landmarks - Introduce 3D War to its fullest.

What's new in the latest updates

Unlock new characters and multiplayer battles in Black Knight Meat and Phantom Zone by Batman Ninja Knight! Collect new tools, Ningjatso and Black Power batteries! Based on your feedback you can see improvements in the Phantom Zone! Closed rewards can now be viewed, displayed, and crystal rewards can be seen for the proposed character stats, and you can change targets again! In addition, Nth Metal can be earned through multiplayer season rewards and new boutique packages!

What does the user say about the user's Injustice Gods Among Us?

First user: I think this is the best game and I will always enjoy it, but after the new update I want to find out who these new characters are. I've achieved one in combat nonlinear combat and I want to get one, but I want to work hard for it. Also, I want to have more suicide squads and a way to grab them without having to buy them for real money. Also, you can make the challenge so simple that you will make a grand prize of a game like WWE Immortal. Thanks
Another user: This is a game that I have played extensively for many years, and I have to say it is a large number of other mobile fighters. Developers still like to add content to the game in the game, though it should be outdated by its successor. Each week brings a good number of hunting titles to the new season with re-seasons and new challenge characters. The only disadvantage is that the battery discharges quickly. Overall, it's a good game.
Third User: I like combat mechanics in this game of injustice. Injustice 1 is like the mechanics of Deadly Combat X. Injustice 2 Mechanics is slow, clumsy, and generally hot messy. I don't know why they don't use this engine for cell phones on invoice 2, but I'm talking about the mobile platform, which likes and recommends injustice instead of 1 of 2. The console modules for both games on the console are the same, with some improvements in Part 2, both incredible combat games.

Download and install the Injustice Gods Among Us in our mod apk + obb data

If you have already installed Episode in an APK from the Google Play Store, you do not need to download the .ob file to install the Injustice Gods Among Us mod application on our site.
Please make sure your OBB data and application have the same version, otherwise, your game will not play.

Follow this step: - If you do not have a game data file and mode-apk

1) If the game is not yet installed on your phone, you should download the Data File and Injustice Gods Among Us mod application by the button below.
2) Once the data file and mode application have been downloaded, simply exclude the data zip file in the phone's internal storage / Android / OBB / folder.
3) Next, install Injustice Gods Among Us Mod apk. Get started and enjoy right after the game installation.

Follow this step: If you have Gamebob data and applications

1) First, you need to open the file manager of your phone and go to the specified path: File-Manager / Android / Data /. Find the folder "" and rename the folder (If you don't, your game data will be deleted.)
2) Once you rename the folder, you can uninstall Injustice Gods Among Us from the inside and download and install Injustice Gods Among Us (Hack) apk between us from Mod Apk and
3) If your game is installed, you can rename the path: file-manager / android / obb / and folder "" to "com.wb" .goog.injustice " Can give
4) Next, open up your game and enjoy.

Take note of that

First, you need to check the GPU model of your phone and then download the mode application and OBB data according to your phone's GPU model.

Mod Apk Features

  • Endless coins
  • Endless associated loan
  • Infinite character duration
  • Cheater ID removed
  • God Mode (requires pass tutorial, use v1
  • Mass attack

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