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Hello! Muslim Pro Ramadan 2019 User Android, then congratulations for downloading If you are looking for the latest Muslim Pro Ramadan 2019 (10.3.3) + full modification apk + display, you are right. On this page, we What's special Muslim Pro Ramadan 2019 Android APK Lifestyle and Click on the CDN Drive link provides the latest version apk download fast, so you can just Muslim Pro Ramadan 2019 Download Android APK.

What’s the Specialty of Muslim Pro Ramadan 2019 Mod Apk

The most popular Muslim app

The Arabic Qualified Indicator, an Islamic Hijri calendar, was referred to throughout the Quran, Arabic scripts, notes, translations and audio lessons in Muslim pro-genauesten prayer times and as an Azan application by more than 70 million Muslims. Too. Map of Halal restaurants and mosques etc.

If you think the wrong prayer times application, it is your settings related. In most cases, the safest way to get the most accurate prayer times is to enable automatic settings.

Android permissions

The Purchase / Billing app allows you to use the upgrade to the premium version of Pro-Muslim, to have your account securely pay-to-play in your current Google Play store.

Location (GPS and network-based): Your location will calculate the exact prayer times Qiblah requires and find restaurants and mosques near Halal.

Storage / Photos / Media / Files: This permission is needed to determine the type of additional content, audio text, and downloadable content was saved as Quran translation.

With our free use of information phone/device ID and credit and invitation code protect the phone purchase, you will receive a unique device ID which is a premium version of the Muslim Pro upgrade. This device ID remains anonymous.

Muslim Pro Ramadan 2019 Properties and Appraisal

• Based on current position (angles) with specific prayer time available settings

• Call to azan call visual and audible alerts from many musical sounds you choose

• During the fast of Ramazan (Iftar Imsak and)

• The Holy Koran (Al-Quran) with Audio Reading (MP3), Phoneticity and Translation

• Read the Quran Tajweed Quran to help improve your pronunciation

• Community: Join the community and pray for them

• "Tasbih" their slot number

• Halal restaurants and mosques

• Animated Qibla compass and map to show the direction of Mecca

• Muslim Hijri Calendar Sacred Dates Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid al-Adha Evaluation

• 99 Names of Allah

• Beautiful Islamic greeting card (Happy Eid, Ramzan's Karim, etc ...)

• Hasanul Muslim (Muslim Fortress): DOAS and Fun Collection)

• Completely apply and translate the Koran: Indonesian, Melayu, Dictionary, English, Spanish, Italian, Netherlands, Portland, Türkçe, العربية, Urdu, русский, 简体 中文 

"During the time of prayer in the Islamic world, Islam mobile devices are counted by millions of specific applications and millions of azan followers. Muslim Pro also has Arabic texts, audio tags, translations, audio text, Qibla indicator, an Islamic hijri calendar, Halal food restaurant, mosques throughout. Cards from the Quran, etc.

Key Features

- Accurate time count based on the current state of prayer

- Cannes: Visual and loud alerts/prayer ears

- Audio Quran with text (mp3 audio), tags and translations

- Halal food restaurants and mosques in their environment

- Animated Qibla compass to show you the direction of Mecca

- Estimating the Islamic calendar dates of religious holidays such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha

- 99 names of Allah and Prophet Muhammad

- The app is completely Indonesian Melayu, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Nederlands, Português, Türkçe, Arabic, Urdu, Русский, 中文 中文, 日本語, ภาษา ไทย

Important things

(1) You may find that you probably rely on set-settings for the application that you find the wrong prayer times. Please make sure you have selected the correct authentication/account method and other parameters.

(2) We cannot reply to published comments on the App Store website. Please write to us (in the applications or below) when you need us to fault, you can reach us on social networks. 

"The latest updates are what's new

• Bug fixes and optimizations.

If you want, we are applying and the progress, please show us your support by 5 * review, was submitted. Allah rewarded!

What a recent software update


• Bug fixes and optimizations

If you want, we are applying and the progress, please show us your support by 5 * review, was submitted. Allah rewarded!


• New! Let yourself be inspired by our new revamped inspiration section! Now you can, share and add my search content

• New! When in use the new site automatically detects prayer time location updates

• Bug fixes and optimizations.


• New! Prayer will take place near your disposal mosques section

• Manage You will find all the information in our new information center settings

• Bug fixes and optimizations

If you want, we are applying and the progress, please show us your support by 5 * review, was submitted. Allah rewarded!

To fall

What Saying User’s About Muslim Pro Ramadan 2019 Mod Apk

User 1: This app MashaAllah function points is very easy, so useful and easy, helps you to share deep favorite daily prayers, read Zakat calculator,  daily reminder track inspiration and so on Amazing other daily sentence of the Koran. Those who have Jazakumullah khayraa katsiran have already contributed to the creation of this application. Barakallah filk.

User 2: It is very helpful to consider the prayer of thinking of my time, especially in a user's job or pro-Muslim at school. More Qibla decisions help me decide in the right direction, I pray for a new place. Also, read the article I read a lot about Islam and more things that I knew earlier and daily inspirational quotes I know that encourage and promote better every day.

User 3:Alhamdulliah is a great application for the Muslim Pro application. I read daily my Koran is a daily reminder to keep my Namaaz instruction. The only change I would ask for adjusts the screen size to match the font size. For example, if I zoom in to increase the text size, it picks up Arabic words at sentences as well. Another such personal request hadith. Hadith daily and very good for all hadiths after using it.

Download and install Muslim Pro Ramzan 2019 APK

1) First, download the download link under the latest Muslims of Pro-Ramzan 2019.

2) Download APK, easy to install and enjoy while their Muslim Pro APK.

3) Set up your phone from Muslim Ramzan 2019 general rave installed, uninstall it and where modern apk.

Pro Tips: 

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