Nova Launcher Prime Apk (v6.2.3) + Final Mod + Tesla Unread Apk APK

Nova Launcher Prime Apk (v6.2.3) + Final Mod + Tesla Unread Apk 2021

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mei 21, 2020

Hello Nova Launcher Prime Apk users seeking the latest Nova Launcher Prime apk (v6.2.3) circuit + modification + Tesla unread apk + display, so congratulations for downloading Android. Find the APK Specialty and download a quick CDN then click on a link to change the version drive apk, so you just download Free Nova Launcher Prime Android Launcher Apk Can can-can.

What’s the Specialty of Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Highly customizable, performance-based, home screen

Accept any other option! Nova Launcher is a modern Android, which accepts the entire physical design of the thrower.

Nova Launcher can control and customize the screen in your home. Change icon, layout, animation and more

• Symbol Topic - Discover thousands of themes in the Play Store icon for the Nova Launcher

• Subgrid Terms - Standard Launcher, Nova Launcher allows for less control over the mouse or more control via the halfway desktop grid cells widget

• Color control - Labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs and backgrounds

• Customize the app drawer - Vertical or horizontal scrolling, tab customizing custom effects

• Improved widget drawer - Uses group widgets application much faster

• Unlimited Scrolling - Remote Loop Continues on the Desktop or Drawer of Your Favorite Pages

• Backup / Restore - The latest backup/backup system allows you to restore your desktop layout and launcher settings.

• Scroll Dock - Many docks and scrolls between them

• Widget Dock - Keep every widget in your dock such as a 4 × 1 music player widget

• Import Layout - Nova Launcher from the beginning Popular Import Launcher can import any need to make your desktop. I came up with a phone.

• Fast - Nova Launcher is extremely optimized for your phone that is quickly and quietly easy to work on animations and you can use your fingers to move you.

Features of Nova Launcher Prime 

• Gesture - swipe, pinch, double-tap on the home screen to open your favorite apps

• Do not count - unread messages. Unread badge number with Hangout, SMS, Gmail, etc. TeslaUnread plugin

• Create custom drawer groups - a folder in the new tab or drawer in the application

• Keep hidden applications hidden in the Clean App Drawer - Never use

• Icon Swipe - Application set user-defined functions to delete a shortcut or folder

• More scrolling effects - this makes it clear, accordion, and throw.

What was updated last is what's new


Nova Launcher Prime serves as a free Nova Launcher license. If you already have it installed.

Updates Changes are visible because Nova Launcher has been released as part.

What’s Say User About Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk

User 1: I've used this projection for years and it never disappoints me. My current point is that if you have the tablet up with the applications that are cleaning up in the absence of their most frequently used pixel function, let's see the icon, but I've heard only Google has access to the API, so Nova made no mistake. Google won't make APIs inaccessible to third party developers if you listen! Don't go against the idea of ​​Android?

User 2: buy and use multiple launchers on Android. I always come back to Nova Launcher. This is undoubtedly the best projection I have used. Sometimes a brand new feature of the launcher (play) looks interesting. I try other throwers and I will often do a very cool new feature. Every 15 minutes the feeling is cool and then I lack the qualities that I left with the Nova Launcher. I've been 6 years and I come again and again.

User 3: Only if Nova Launcher excludes the launcher I have the longest download of more than about 80 launchers. I like things where I am very special, and how I want to see her. Time and time again behind Nova Launcher proves that it is capable of handling some of what I want. Some of the investments I really recommend this way access more features to the best version. I'm very happy with the app and I don't think I've ever done a bowl!