Solid Explorer File Manager Mod Apk (v2.7.8) + Full Version Unlocked + Pluging APK

Solid Explorer File Manager Mod Apk (v2.7.8) + Full Version Unlocked + Pluging 2021

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v2.7.8 voor Android
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jul 29, 2020

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Hello! If you want to download the latest solid explorer application (version 2.7.7) in file manager Mod, unlock the full version and connect the user to the solid explorer file manager Apk, you are on the right page. On this page, we know that the features of the Android Explorer Solid Explorer File Manager and its mod version provide you with a click-to-download link that makes it easy to download the Solid Explorer, File Manager, Mod Android Productivity Apk.

What is so special about the Solid Explorer File Manager mod Apk?

It is a cloud manager with a strong Explorer file.

Please note that this is actually a 14-day trial

If you have Sound Explorer Unlocker, you can use the premium version for free!

If your device has a microphone detector, you can use it to open encrypted data documents without raising your password.

The same applies to cloud storage, which can currently be accessed from all microphones.

Please note that this may indeed be a 14-day trial

If you have Sound Explorer Unlocker, you can definitely use the higher quality version for free!

New Feature!

Tough Explorer can have websites that an exceptional filmmaker can see. It can organize its own photos, music, and videos from one place for quick and easy access. It's an integrated audio player and image viewer that lets you play from your computer, your remote audio like Drop B, Qs, Drive or Google Drive.

The coolest element is the content that can come back to Chrome casting.

Are you tired of programs that are terrible looking original researchers? Your requirements have been met by this document supervisor. This system is a root modifier for adjusting the amount of data property. You should really ignore this with the file system.

Sound Explorer will do it for you.

This is the only full-featured filmmaker with all the content styles and designs you can see in a retail store. It's faster, faster and easier than this competition.

In addition to the ability to control data documents from virtually anywhere, there are several customization options available, including: for example, design, symbol storage, and color schemes. You can change the port.

Placing and dragging plaque browsing increases your productivity.

Strong Explorer can only be a huge cloud backup supervisor because it provides you with full cloud storage service including DRP, QS, B, QS, Google Drive, One Drive, Mega, and OnCloud.

This can be connected to Windows computers and servers using Document Manager, WebDev, SFTP, and FTP. You will love the ability to create or remove almost all popular archive formats such as ZIP, RAR, and 7-ZIP.

Amazingly new features of the Solid Explorer file manager Mod Apk

Solid Explorer File Manager Mod Apk New Feature! -: Now you can back up your documents and folders. If your device has a fingerprint detector, you can use it to open files without needing it. The same applies to cloud storage, which can be retrieved via fingerprints.

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  • 2 panels that act as a document browser
  • Extensive customization options: themes, mouse storage, color schemes
  • Drag and drop between and within panels
  • SMB / CIFS client, FTP web dev

Download Solid Explorer File Manager Mod APK Latest Features

  • Ability to create 7ZIP archives with secure zips
  • Cloud Document Supervisor: DropRop Publish Boxes, Google Drive Duplicate C Cloud, Yandex
  • Sound Explorer is a root explorer powered by root accessibility.
  • Extensibility properties in plugins
  • Search validates your documents
  • Data files with memory usage statistics
  • Rename the stack: Rename documents together with factors and regular expressions
  • Useful Programs: Hide unwanted hyperlinks, FTP servers (plugins), bookmarks, Chromecast support, media browser

Are you looking for features and elegant looking file explorer? Nice to see you

Strong Explorer is a cloud supervisor and your file has two panels that fetch documents.

There is really no featured file manager here. It is stronger, faster and better than the competition. In addition to being able to process files, there are many customization options, such as icon sets, themes, and color schemes. It is possible to set up a port independently. Placing and dragging plaque browsing increases your productivity.

Because it provides you with cloud storage services like Dry Cloud Pub Box Boxes, B, Qs, Google C Cloud, OneDrive, Mega and Drive Strong Explorer, it is a cloud file supervisor. This can be controlled remotely from a Windows PC and a server via the Document Manager, SFTP FTP and WebDev. Incidentally, you'll love the ability to create or remove commonly used archive formats, such as:

Jeep, 7Zip, and RAR:: Are you tired of programs that are native navigation? Your requirements have been met by this document supervisor. It has a root modifier to improve file attributes at the system level. You do not need to pay attention to the file system. Strong Explorer can do it for you.

Strong Explorer lets you create your own media, file manager. You can organize your photos, videos and audio files in one place for fast and easy access. It has an image viewer and a built-in music player that lets you play content stored on your computer, Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. The thing is, the content can be included in the Chromecast.

Just try it! You will not be disappointed.

What's new in the last updated version

*** v2.7.5 ***


  • Adjust the directory option of the FTP server
  • Waste repairs
  • Customize SD card access in LollyPopPackage
  • Set "protected" function
  • Paste report starts work on g-mail
  • Image viewer set
  • Waste repairs


  • Custom FTP loading
  • Don't show unknown file types
  • Huge data files. Error naming the file while saving
  • Managing storage permits

*** v2.7.7 ***


  • Fixed a crash while working
  • Fixed or didn't stop after archiving process canceled
  • Fix another crash



  • Ability to display audio and video thumbnails and metadata via LAN / SMB
  • Better copy speed over LAN / SMB
  • Improved playback of audio players from remote sources



  • Fixed a network configuration issue that prevented the application from accepting a trusted certificate
  • Fix bug when naming files on external storage
  • Improved management of memory permissions
  • SHA256 added to checksum count

What the user says about the Solid Explorer File Manager about the mod Apk

The first user: has seen what is the best file explorer in the market right now. There are many things that I really like, such as good server integration and user interface. I have a few complaints though. 1 - It folders files and folders by characters in front of icons like I use (no other applications) for folder organization. 2 - When renaming files, the keyboard takes a while to reach the top. 3 - The last catch is that you have to drag and drop the folder slightly over the files.

Another user: the best file explorer app for Android remains Superior! It started well but got a little better. This update was so extensive that I honestly expected to buy another license, but did not need a new license (thank God!) Split Windows includes cloud services such as root explorer, drag and drop files, DropPropboxes, FTPs and even customized colors for you. you can! Everything has it, and it's good that you can stop watching it now. That is what you want.

Third User: Very fast, nice, clean with common and secondary tasks. - It would be nice if I could copy /cut/paste from one panel to another without drag-and-drop. Another small thing is a list of bookmarks - which allows me to sort them by folders or tap and hold to bring up the menu or delete the Folder option without having to go to Menu> Bookmark Manager. - Otherwise, it's nice to love file encryption, separate from the protected archive and the directory name I just left out.

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