Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Money
  • Infinite Bombs
  • Infinite HP
  • Infinite Bullet
  • No Ads

Hello Metal Squad Mod Game Player apk (v1.9.0) + unlimited coins Metal Squad team, HP, click to download off the bomb, then congratulations, you are on the right page. On this page, we know Metal Squad Android action game so that you can easily download the metal Squad Android, APK with a Google Drive Mod version you can distribute games and download links.

Metal Squad mod apk Specialty & features

A shooting action game Metal squad. The game is a side-scrolling platform game a number of different enemies and boss battles amazing experience, classical values. Use metal and tank filled with helicopters to fight and use various weapons with power-ups and evil commanders and destroy many enemies to terrorize the world.

Metal squad blow up all the enemies! This is to destroy all the amazing shooter game. Face to grab her arm and dangerous challenges.

He has received information from Kamino that even some of the clones that administer savings were on Skirata tomorrow, so he can stop the process of moving his age so that he can lead a normal life.One of the metal Squad members, Riker also met a married Coruscant, Lira Jane, a girl later. After the Galactic Civil War people, metal moors just clones were active military service.

Metal squad mod apk Properties

The different types of weapons such as guns, heavy machine guns, assault rifles, rocket launchers and grenades.

Choose a variety of characters

5+ individual regions with more than 30 levels

Different types of enemies

Challenging boss battles

Amazing graphics, cool music and sound

How to play Metal Squad mod apk

★ move, using the joypad

★ tap the jump button to jump from fixed obstacles

★ tap the fire button to shoot

★ Tap the button to create an explosion of the deadly grenade

What's new in the latest updated version

- increases power to the primary guns

- especially when the guns left the enemy defeat you

- Campaign Award, the daily dose rate, lucky spin awards, which increase happiness Boxing Awards

- Add a new method of part of the weapons, the hero part

- makes weapons cache, customizable interface hero Lucky Store business

- forging ejection mechanism

- Fix bug videos

*** *** Vlk8kl

- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Adding new position: - Cooperation

*** *** Vlk8k7

- Bug fixes and performance improvements

A user that speaks about Metal Squad Game

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2 User: big game. I really like it as well as suggestions for your friends. I also bought a VIP group. The only problem is that it does not take into account not only the backup Facebook support. Google users that do not have or do not support Facebook account to play. Support simultaneously. Thanks to the big game.

3 users have sufficient rights to play fun, but they are targeting. Ads are also something you have to watch every minute for a glimpse. I just started, but it looks like is not known sports equipment or objects. There are certainly a handful of money. I love the graphics. India, where a set of screens and runs smoothly. I turned some processing but require fine control of things, characters. Let them loose.

Download and install metal Squad mod apk

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2) Download One Time APK, predictable, easy to install and enjoy your game.

3) Included apk mod apk already installed on your phone Metal squad, and then remove.

Download Metal Squad mod apk v1.8.7 + Hacks Game