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Call Log Monitor APK 2024

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1.0 for Android
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May 13, 2024

Call Log Monitor APK - Versatile application Call Log Monitor APK tracks and Monitors a user's call history. Caller ID, term, timestamps, and call logs are among the highlights of the app. Portrays the highlights and benefits of the Call Log Monitor APK.

Features of Call Log Monitor APK

Management of Call History

You can see and oversee your whole call history with the Call Log Monitor APK. Call records incorporate the date, time, caller's title, and term of approaching and active calls, as well as the date and time the call was made.

Identifying the Caller's ID

Users can distinguish callers utilizing caller ID some time recently replying the phone. This makes a difference avoid undesirable calls as well as recognize vital from insignificant calls.

Tracking the Term of Calls

By utilizing the Call Log Monitor APK, clients can keep track of the length of each call. By utilizing this highlight, you can get it how much time was went through on each call, which can offer assistance you oversee your time and ended up more productive.

Timestamps of Calls

Users can effortlessly find calls utilizing the exact timestamps given by the app. It spares clients time and empowers them to find pertinent data quickly.

Logs of Phone Calls

The Call Log Monitor APK gives a point by point call log highlight that lets clients see later calls. Calls can be sorted based on different criteria, counting date, term, and contact name.

The Benefits

  • Enhanced Security: With the Call Log Monitor APK, clients can track and Monitor their call history, which makes a difference in recognizing any suspicious or unauthorized activity.
  • Time Administration: By following call terms, clients can analyze their call propensities and move forward efficiency and time management.
  • Personalization: The app's settings and inclinations can be customized concurring to the user's inclinations. It permits them to control how their call history is shown and managed.
  • Caller ID Recognizable proof: This highlight avoids undesirable calls and permits you to recognize whom the call is from.
  • Management of Call Logs: The call logs highlight lets clients effortlessly browse through their call history, discover particular calls, and send out them.


The Call Log Monitor APK is a effective portable application that tracks and Monitors your call history. In expansion to caller ID, call length following, and call timestamps, call logs can moreover be overseen with this program. Clients can customize the app's interface and settings for a more personalized phone involvement and important bits of knowledge into their call propensities.